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    Di-Smiley~ i took a pic of the two test it’s on my profile



    Hey star! its been awhile?! how are u 🙂 are u back in the game? as for the bbt quest. hun, i jus put it in n make sure its touching the surrounding ‘wall’ if u will hahah try not to poke ur cervix, that hurts!



    Hi All, I’m posting on here for the first time in a long time. I was on prior when I was pregnant with my first that I had Sep 2009, but now I’m hoping to update my name to eve2ndbaby. I really like this site to talk things through. I’ve been trying for only 3 months and I promised I would be relaxed and just hope it happened, but of course that turned into obsession about every symptom each month followed by disappointment at AF (which I got yesterday). I’m extremely irregular with my cycles and have had bleeding at odd times, enough that I went to the Dr, but she said there was nothing wrong other than I’m irregular. Because of that I think I want to use OPK. Do you al know what the easiest ones are?


    Yeah, I dont think i’m that brave as to take drugs that don’t belong to me, though I would LOVE to have a beautiful bun in the oven pre-deployment.(Sept).

    Unfortunately waiting sucks! Sucks even more to look at the calendar & see that you will be ovulating but your hubby won’t be home. I almost morn that little egg…

    Wishing you all BFP’s!



    Well I have started to have a little brown spotting today so I know af is just around the corner but the doctor wont order another round of serephene till I start actual red blood flow. So frustrating i just want it to start and get it over with


    Curious… how many DPO is a good time to test without having to wait for AF?


    Its not often successful on the first attempt, usually takes 2-3 cycles.



    AF showed up today….boooooooooooooo! Getting ready for this month!



    I don’t even know when I ovulated this month! I usually can feel it, it’s really quite painful on one side, so I even know which ovary was working! I did’nt feel anything this month and my cm lasted for about a week (clear and stringy)?! Only time will tell I guess..



    It is sarah but i heard from hubz and am feelin much better 🙂 he didnt have to go today as its raining so hes on his way here to ‘make up’ lol his words not mine



    cd 13 & still neg opk….



    aww, hope u get better soon sarah :):):)


    Hey girls,I usually don’t get much responses in the pregnancy forum. Did you gallies eat hotdogs during your pregnancies???


    diane…i wish i had advice for you! I know when I miscarried I was 16weeks along so they actually induced me and i delivered my little guy! Honestly I’m like you, I would be worried about infection! We found out my little guy stopped growing a little short of 13 weeks so for 3 weeks he was just there. My doctor wanted to take care of it ASAP because of the risk of infection and then I was on antibiotics for 10 days.



    good luck court- i hope it works out for u this month and yea i been looking into every possible symptom( if i sneeze i think it might be somthing) and im sure im not pg so im waiting for af to drag along for next month and then i can get my pg so i hope u get in tune with ur body and i hope u get a pg this month!!

Viewing 15 posts - 110,686 through 110,700 (of 131,346 total)

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