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    Sarah, na love I have no idea. I guess our bodies just do odd things sometimes.



    Dawn, just do a web search for chinese gender calender thats what i did


    Member are you testing yet? he he.. no pressure or anything 😀



    Vonne, when to start OPKs will depend on the length of your cycle. Mine is 30 – 32 days long, so I start testing once a day around days 10 or 12 and then twice a day on days 15,16,17 and 18 or until I get my surge…. this is my talking and have only used the OPKs twice, but both times worked that way. I’ll be starting testing for LH surge this Sunday again. You can test any time of the day, but follow the instructions in the package just in case. As far as charting, you can start right now (tomorrow first time in the morning) before you kiss hubby good morning! Ladies, feel free to jump in if I’m missing anything pleaseee. Good luck hun!



    Diane-taketwo- i had both hpt and opks… i hope you have better luck with them… i dont really know what brand i had now but there is a huge difference. unless the 20 opks that i got from wondfo were defective



    thanks Amanda… I’m cd11 and I am having minor cramps here n there and creamy cm.. is this looking rather sounding promising? my boobs are funny feeling too get tingle n aches. I think my cycle is 31-32 days. 32 days per FF.


    well af was due on sunday and didnt show up but this morning (3 days later) i went to pee and some blood also came out so i thought it was af and put a pad on, an hr and half later i go to pee and my pad is still clean but when i pee some blood comes out also.. its been going on all day today… i have very little blood on the pad now but when i pee or push a little after peeing some blood comes out… i’m not sure if its spotting though!!!



    Thank you everyone for the support. I had the appt today with my gyno and they took blood out to examine if the HCG levels increased since Monday. Praying for good news tomorrow when they call with results. Will post then. xoxoxo you all!



    yeah mf its something i have noticed over my last 2 cycles that i get a nasty headache, and then had one last night. Im not really a headache person and i guess that is why i remembered it? they only see to be at night too? how easy would that be to chart.. ok headache tonight – i will ovulate over the next 2 days!! easy done!! haha i wish…
    FALLEN – my opks were running positive a couple of days before my very very very light squint to see bfp…3 days after that myhcg was only 55,, so she may not have enough hcg built up yet to register….lets hope this is it,, if that is what she wants!! sounds like it to me!






    hoping-for-baby-rob good luck when you test.

    I found a fun site that is having a contest to win free pee sticks.
    You all should check it out: 9 they even have fun ttc tickers there:)



    I’m trying to get them off my phone but I have a zillion others and it’s taking forever. Thanks so much you guys. I am still in disbelief!. Should I call the doc today then?



    lol ebay is always good



    I ovulated on Mothers Day! What a blessing and gift that would be to get a postive. Well see!



    hey yall!! where is every1 on their cycles???

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