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    Does anyone suffer from migraines? I’m on a preventative medicine for them and I’m pretty sure I can’t take it when I’m pregnant. (I have to talk to the doctor about it.) Just wondering what others have done to safely relieve the pain.



    going by your series of OPKs I say you caught it a the right time I won’t surprise if FF will change ovulation day with more temps entered in



    AF showed up. Damn her face! >:( Ah well. Going to try to be very careful to NOT get pregnant the next 2 cycles so that we can have a Jan-Mar 2014 baby. My 3.5 yo starts preschool this fall so I don’t want to have a baby during the holidays when he will be having parties and stuff at school. And I also don’t want to be at the hospital having a baby during Halloween or Christmas, etc. it would break my heart to be away from my kiddos. So hard though cause I just want to be pregnant NOW! LOL so today is cd 1. Thinking of charting my bbt to see if/when I am ovulating for the next two cycles and hopefully in April we will get it right! πŸ˜‰



    you could probably take one wednesday, but id wait til friday-hang in there girl! have you been keeping track of your bbt?



    my poor sister is currently going through her 3rd miscarriage. poor girl πŸ™

    on the spotting question. i got implantation bleeding with both my kids πŸ˜€ so hope its all positive.

    Me im just waiting for AF over the weekend as im pretty sure im not pregnant though it wouldnt of been through lack of trying x



    Fair – I’ve been having pain like that since 8 dpo



    Got a bunch of girls ready to pop an egg any day! Love it!!! Racho- false negatives are way more likely than false positives. But usually from testing too early. Are you sure you O’d when you thought?? Could it be implantation bleeding? If so you wouldn’t get a positive for 3-5 more days.



    Glad you found it informative want2b πŸ™‚ I need to do some more updates on it, but now that I am working all day and on the weekends too, being away from my home PC is making it hard!



    I use the Babi OPKs, too. Bought them on eBay for $14 for 50 + 20 HPTs. πŸ™‚



    My AF id due tomorrow. I feel sick with nerves. Have decided if no show, we will test on Friday morning.

    I can’t ever remember feeling this nervous last time, but that was 12 years ago!!


    Thanks Mama2. I really appreciate the encouragement and personal experiences you’ve shared. I’m still gonna hold out hope πŸ™‚



    cd 23 still no O, Good luck to all of you ladies



    Oh, and BabyKnight………..GOODLUCK!! πŸ™‚ hope you get ur BFP soon! Baby dust and sticky vibes to you!! πŸ™‚



    Ok question. My stupid AF should be out the door tomorrow or sat thank goodness! And im thinkging about using the OPKs for the first time, because I hear that they are a really big help insted of going by the O calander. Can anyone tell me what kind is the best to use and how it works? Now i konw what you have to do lol but like how do you read it. Stuff like that. I hope i dont sound stupid lol. I just wanna make sure since this is my first time using them that i do them right the first time :)!



    The pic of the test by itself is where you can really tell that it’s a faint positive!!!!

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