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    anyone else at CD6 here? this cycle is moving so slow!!!! congrats on everyone with BFP!!!



    Yeah I know it goes 2 decimal places but I dont think for many that it matters to be that accurate, most people will have enough change with 1 decimal place to know whats up with their chart if its going up or down.



    Hi, I was just looking for abit of advice as am not sure whats going on. I had a miscarriagen5 weeks ago this Sunday. I was 5 weeks pregnant and everything passed naturally. I bled for about a week after my miscarriage. 2 days ago I started having really mild period cramps on and off and the same yesterday. Then yesterday evening had abit of brown discharge that turned to dark brown but only a small bit. Today I haven’t really had anything at all, maybe a small bit of brown also but more faded. Is this the start of AF do you,s think. Any advice would be great. Thanks



    Hi all, I have been on the phone with family. Gosh its fun. I had AF on the 10/10 and O on the 20/10. ISo Im about 5 weeks I think. Im gonna check it out. Thanks for the congrats ladies. Babydust and everything wonderful to us all.



    Hi everyone I just made a new profile but I was on IAP back in ’07 when my now FIVE yr old was still baking! I have a 5 yr old and 3 yr old now! Wanting number 3 with my fiance been trying 6 months hoping this month is it! CD #9 fingers crossed and good luck!



    Good luck nicole!! So sorry for your loss. I so hope this is your month!



    lovinlivin congrats xxx



    ha ha. sorry amy 🙁 i wish i could just walk in and ask for qualitative but who knows if they would do it for me. i should quit thinking about it, AF could still show up in 3 more days! geez…


    wooo, Af finally disappearing. been slightly longer than my af’s before my miscarriage guessing thats just due to a. how long it took to show up after mc and b. the fact I had a mc. but its only be a week The BDing shall be commencing, considering my cycles are soo long I guessing my hubby its going to be a very tiring 40days ;);). but hopefully I will end in a bfp and not an af.



    oh yes it does! nothing like taking an hpt and seeing the two lines, or the words ‘pregnant’ its amazing!



    Laura that is awesome news! I know the disbelief feeling. (Over 20 years ago)My ex had a vasectomy and when I got a BFP I was shocked. That BFP turns 19 next month!



    Sorry you are having test trouble Justine! If you call First Response and explain what happened – tell them you followed all instructions – they should send you a coupon for another test. Usually the control line does not show up when there is not enough pee on the test – if it does not climb up the stick enough, it won’t reach the control line. Even though it won’t be valid, try peeing on it again to see if there is a control line at all. Pee in a cup and dip it for 5 seconds. You can also try bringing it back to the place you bought it – if you have the receipt they should refund or exchange it. FRER are usually very reliable, but you can get a test that is missing the control dye from time to time 🙁



    felishamarie24- If you feel the achiness that you usually feel while ovulating then I say go for it!!! It is very possible that you could o early, and then maybe again later in the cycle, who knows? Babyjarr – I had always gotten my bfp’s at different times for each of my pregnancies. You still could be pregnant but hcg levels could just be low right now. I say you aren’t out until the wicked witch shows! FX!



    I hope I get a bfp this cycle to! I wonder if male cysits can interfer df has one on his ball we found out last week



    Lol . Well its just after 7 here and I’m in bed. Night ladies

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