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    Thank you Diane thats what I thought, yay! lol I hope this month is my month.



    thanks helluva! will keep that sight in my mind for when my camera decides to stop acting dicky and let me take a pic instead of turning itself off every time i click! Fingers..gosh i hope so! i need to get to tomorrow morning ASAP! early to bed tonight i think! ok, to the person who got their BFP on thursday, who are you ur name isnt showing?? but YAY for you !!! i am hoping for the same thing 🙂 ARIEL i have been wondering the same thing too! hope she got some good news, or at least answers. she has been in absolute limbo for weeks now the poor soul x MARIE..HOW do you hold out so long from testing?? well done you!


    I’m new to all this so dont take my word for it. I never got to know myself until this past few months, just kinda went along with whatever my body wanted to do. I’ve just become a good ‘googler’ I google every little thing and try to find the answers! lol



    Rach ~ I am now having a girl, 9lb 12oz, blonde hair, grey eyes, With………..Ralph Nader! WHO? Oh I must have been drunk again!



    HI i need some advie, AF is now 4 days late, 2 days ago i had a little spotting, it was only once when i wiped,then nothing, and again yesterday, sorry if its TMI but its always after i go for number 2 ( sorry) i have a little spotting and then nothing, do you think its AF or not? usually when AF comes i bleed and then dont stop, ive never had it like this before, sometimes the blood is red and sometimes its brown discharge any advice would be appreciated, thanks girls xx



    just a question really.. where you are in the worldy world – whens the ‘time’ to tell peoples that you are pregnant.. where i am its traditional to tell everyone about the 12 week/3 month mark- its kinda deemed bad luck before then.



    Hi ladies, I have a question about CM. I thought it is supposed to be dry before your AF. I should be somewhere around getting my AF soon but I felt two times withing the past 3 days something wet in my panties. I thought it was my period but it wasn’t. we BD on sunday and last night. I felt wet on Tue and today. Could it be the rest of the semen comfing out or is it my CM. I also felt uterine cramps (light) which is why I thought it was my AF on tue but no AF yet. I don’t know where I am in my cycle and was actually waiting for AF to arrive to start counting but it is still not coming. I ebf my 6 month old and wonder if I ovulated late in my cycle because of ebf. what do you ladies think? Is it CM? Oh, and I feel wet but when I do the finger test a couple of hours later I can’t seem to get a lot of CM on my finger.



    rach- yeah he can keep it he will tease me with it and everone else for that matter but its worth it… he is one of those guys where he likes to aggravate people about anything.. so.. this should be fun…lol



    I just wonted to say hi to everyone, i joined this site when i was 4 weeks pregnant with my daughter, whos now 17,months old, and i’m now trying again for another baby, nice close age gap lol Good luck every one xxxxx



    hmm318 – Thats great. Come on girls we need more BFP’s so you can all join us

    Here’s a gift hope this helps



    According to Fert Friend i am CD31 and i should expect my AF today.



    Vicki!!!!!!! read mrsg22tx’s comment, you dont need EWCM, I think you will get you BFP this month!



    I broke down this morning and took a test. BFN, but I expected that since I’m only 7 DPO lol. Will try again in a couple days I suppose and see.



    I should be ovulating tomorrow or the following day. Still no EW cm. But I do feel bloated, which tends to happen around me ovulating. Definitely gonna try to BD the next few days. I only have this cycle and next cycle before hubby deploys so I am hoping I get a BFP soon 🙂



    katiea i would say either O pains or maybe implantation! goodluck!

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