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    Sorry ems, hang in there hun! Next cycle, BFP, ok? 🙂



    ok I have a question.. does anybody know the average amount of degrees your BBT rises if you are pregnant? like is it 1 degree celcius? 2? 0.5? I am grasping at straws now because I got a BFN this morning but my cycle is due tomorrow and my cp is high and soft and i have been taking my temps and they seem a bit higher (wish I had written them all down though!) and I am still nauseous and I still have to pee.. but then I do have this evil virus..llol I am so confused! ****spins around in a circle chasing her tail…then realises she doesn’t have a tail so sits and lays her head on the table*** this waiting is killin me and these Bfns are just no fun!!



    Satucker, thats a tough one… if you arent sure as of dates and such then its hard to tell.. I know personally I NEVER have symptoms before 5 weeks. HCG is what causes pregnancy symptoms and the level of hormone isnt very high until well after your are due for your period. I would say according to you, you should be due for a period by the end of the month and we are only at the 23rd of the month. Of course was the period you had a ‘normal’ period? If not then perhaps you could be right and could be having pregnancy related symptoms… though I’d wait til the end of the month to test.



    how are you doin today stainbacks?



    Momof2- The only thing is, I really do think its an actual yeast infection. what can you do about them when pregnant??



    rylansmommy23~ I am so excited for you. I will be the one that jumps up and down for you….lol



    only- what do you mean a ‘white’ line? We don’t have those kind of tests here in Oz.



    Hahahah getting my evening laugh in here! LMAO!



    So I read up on OPK’s because I don’t really know how to take them, so I’ve been taking them after my psychology class on tuesday and thursdays. I get out of class at 11:15am and make it home about 11:35am… So, at first my test line finally went negative after about three days of testing. Now this week it’s been (I think positive again). The test line is now the same color as the control line and it’s not darker nor lighter. According to the testing directions positive means the same color or darker than control line…. Could this mean I’m ovualting again in one month? I mean I haven’t had a ‘Real’ period since Jan 6th… Do you ladies think I should POAS!!?? I’m am of course an (Under Cover POAS’er).. 🙂 I just hating getting my hopes up and then Negative ya know… HUH! The things we have to do just to get pregnant…



    Hello ladies. Just dropping in to say hi. I will not be on much today because it is my daughter’s first birthday. I can not believe she is so big already.


    Okay, bfn on hpt. Maybe I am ovulating now. Was kind of bloating yesterday



    Semi sweet – I am so sorry about your loss. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.



    Haha, thanks Diane. 🙂 I’m hopeful about this month, not only because our timing was good, but because last month I had a 29 day cycle. I think the B6 is correcting my luteal phase defect. I O’d exactly on day 14 just like I did when I conceived my son. So…yay. Haha. I’m having some weird twinges today and my boobs are a little sore.



    phoenix- Thanks! I’ll check out that website now!



    hmm.. is the site buggy tonight? I saw someone’s post, then it was gone… how weird. Anyways, question about OPK’s. Is there a best time to test and how frequently? I ordered 40 OPKs that should be arrive on Friday. Think that’s enough to start with?

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