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    You’re very lucky to have someone to babysit! If I had another baby right now it would be $265 a week to keep them in day care. Its scary how much it cost but we’d manage somehow. We didn’t think we’d afford the 1st in daycare!



    congrats to all the BFP’s very happy for all of you…



    I check my CP in the morning on the toilet. It’s really the only way I can reach. And I know from fertilityfriend they say to check it in the same exact way and around the same time of day every day.



    IDK if you ladies can see this page but if you can do you see a line??




    ElizabethD & lia20 – The answer to your question is anything is possible but highly unlikely! It takes an egg approximately 6 days to reach the cervix and by that time your lining has already started to shed so a fertilized egg wouldn’t implant anyway.

    P.S. I got the answer off



    so today i was at wendy’s and i was feeding my LO some vanilla frosty and he already had baby apples in his mouth. well, when i took the spoon out of his mouth it was a weird mix of frosty and apples and for some reason i totally gagged and couldn’t look at the spoon. weirdest thing ever!!






    JH1228-Congrats, hope you have & happy and healthy pregnancy!!!


    Is anyone here taking their temps that work shift work. I work a lot of night shifts and I know that you are supposed to take your temps when you wake up in the morning first thing. Now I don’t get off until the morning so would I take my temps when I wake up after sleeping during the day? Anyone have any idea?



    Has anyone tried the OV watch?


    Morning ladies, i gotta a question, ok so im on cd12 and im using an opk and i have not got a positive yet is this normal or maybe i ovulate later than I thought?


    hi ladies, has anyone recently stopped taking the pill and is now waiting for their AF. i took my last pill on may 25th and started to bleed on may27th. when do u think my next period should arrive. iv been getting really strong pains the last week but no sign of AF.



    3! . I duno what’s going on haha sorry to tmi but last night and today has white strikes in my cm and im feeling abit wetter . I hope I did already o!



    Its cycle day 8 for me. I have a stinking cold, headache and chesty cough 🙁 .This month isnt looking promising for me as im constantly dosed up on Beechams all-in-one and various other stuff lol!!!! Never say never though, just hope my boyfriend doesnt come down with it as it will be game over. x



    Congrats [email protected]@e! I’m new here to this forum. I hope you good news is just the beginning of good news for us all in waiting. I still have 2 wks to go b4 testing

Viewing 15 posts - 111,061 through 111,075 (of 131,346 total)

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