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    good luck newmama- i guess we will find out if it worked soon enough lol



    allison:chickenmouse – Aww Thank you, you are very sweet.



    Morning! Well. I am currently at 11DPO and waiting to test on Wednesday of this week. I caved and tested over the weekend and got the dreaded BFN!



    Fertility friend bumped my Ovulation date…so now I’m only 9 dpo, not 11…bummer!



    I’m CD7 and we bd’d last night just to be sure. i think we will be doing it often this month as my hubby thought that we would get preg a lot faster/easier than this! I think he was counting on his sperm to do the job so well, that we wouldn’t have to do it every other day! HA! I guess that is what happens when you conceive your first baby with just one try.



    BFP number 3 today! Whoo congrats bodo!



    ryders sometimes ur cm changes – i think it goes from dry/scant to creamy then to watery then to EWCM so although its not EWCM yet its maybe jst building up to that….ur cm can be fertile on the lead up to the big O day, i would BD jst to be sure 🙂


    Good Morning everyone! Hi Cpalmer! I hope all is well considering… we are all thinking of you! Where is Cleo today?



    Congrats Me3!!! That’s wonderful news!



    I know Sarah, proceed with cautious optimism.



    Well im 16dpo now adn still bfn so im just going to wait for AF to arrive and then im taking off a month of ttc because my son’s birthday is in july so we dont want another baby in that month we want him to have is own bday so looks like we are going to start after this next cycle to have a Aug baby. I wish this was our month but it didnt work out the way we wanted it so we are off this month and on to the next.



    sorry lia!


    Di-Smiley – I stopped breastfeeding but it can take up to 2 months to get it back so I might be in for a little bit of a wait. I stopped yesterday because for the past 3 weeks or so my supply has not been enough for my son so he was draining both sides then eating 5 tbsp of oat cereal and an hour later crying because he was still hungry. I have to give him an 8oz bottle of formula and then a jar of carrots just to have enough time between feedings to feed myself and make sure my daughter is not painting my house with nasty things. He has been such a high demand feeder since my supply went low I quit so in the next 2 months I should get my AF back unless I am pregnant (which might explain the low supply all of a sudden). Sorry for the long message this is the first time I have had the chance to vent about my son’s eating habits my DH does not want to hear it when he gets home from his jobs and all my friends ‘hate’ me because my kids are so well behaved and sleep through the night so they do’t care too much about how much he eats.



    Nikki.e – Yay! Nice to have confirmation – you should add your BFP to my ‘April BFP’ Blog! We’re trying to keep track! SARAHCHIHUAHUA – you too!



    This is my 4th month of ttc after my iud was removed, I feel really good about this month and feel like this is it 🙂 I have decided to make sure we don’t miss the egg my husband and I will BD at least every other day lol. He isn’t complaining yet but Af just left on Thurs. so we shall see how he holds up by the end of the month lol. Praying you gals get your BFP this time around!

Viewing 15 posts - 11,101 through 11,115 (of 131,346 total)

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