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    Well, AF is here…27 days cycle….SO confused…..AF was due October 12th….this sucks…not happy…..cycles are all screwed up…



    It’s just a gravity thing clayliover – allows the sperm to pool at the opening to the cervix, so more are able to get to the ‘final destination’ lol – it’s not absolutely necessary, but the more you allow in, the better their chances!



    So nervous about thursday my temps are still up at 16DPO, and I’ve been sleepign a ton, having waves of nausia, tingling BB’s etc.. but i’m trying not to get my hopes up even though I keep having dreams abotu BFP’s.



    Diane-is it your son that wasn’t feeling so great?


    Nope-my game is over! Im a realist-if my early hpts arent picking up any hcg now at 11 dpo-its over. Ive been at this for 5 years now, and know that let alone the percentages are minute-the later an embryo implants increases the odds of a non-viable pregnancy. Thanks anyway-I knew this cycle wasnt gong to work-so I was prepared for this BUST! Now I just want AF to come so we can pray for a miracle to try naturally with the boost of some drugs next cycle-hubby gave us the thumbs up to try a clomid style type drug October and ovember and we will do one round of AI in December. Ten we will close the bakery. I cant keep doing this, its taking away from what I have now.



    I wondered that Sarah, because you are not really considered ‘pregnant’ until you are four weeks along… approximately… 2 weeks for the date from your period to conception, and the 2 weeks from conception to implantation… add a week for longer cycles, take a few days off for shorter cycles…



    ok, thanks debih!



    haha Cpalmer. I have to admit it scared me yesterday when i was just spotting. after the ectopic pregnancy any little thing terrifies me



    feeling nauseous tonight, had 1 drink and could barely drink my second one…not reading too much into it though…good night ladies! : )


    Gill it still could be too early to test ad i have heard that the digital tests are not as sensitive – test in a few days if AF dont show is what i would do



    Well my hpt was a BFN. But I am only 11dpo and AF is due on saturday so I may still get my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hi Ladies – this is going to sound confusing as anything – but I think I may actually be pregnant – yet DH and I have has so much going on of late that we have neglected to even try other than the usual amount of BD. What makes things more confusing is that for a few months my cycles became short lasting the typical 28 days where pervious they were like 36 days. Anyway I well overdue on my 28 days and still overdue AF if I was on a 36 day cycle. Now I havent been paying attention to my body cos of not really considering being Preg, However now I think about it – my skin has been awful, I am bloated all the time and am terribly tired. I dont have sore BBs though, so I am terribly confused as to whether I am or not! I mean I could test …as I am overdue AF…but I am scared to test – mainly because I wasnt expecting it! does that sounds silly?? what do you think I should do?? thanks ladies xxx



    We would be May and July but hubby and I have decided to cool it for a couple of months so that we can go on hols in the summer without a newborn. It’s helping me to put things in perspective…I was all set to get hubby to take a few days off work during my fertile period :S (he works away Monday-Friday)


    Cleo join my club i find 1 hard lol



    thanx di, i know wot you mean!!! ill keep that in mind for this cycle 🙂

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