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    weegee that would be nice if you are preg! fx



    I gained 20, lost 15, gained back the 15, so 20 lbs net weight gain during my pregnancy. I was back to my pre-preg weight within 2 weeks home from the hospital, but my body is shaped differently now and I’m pretty certain it always will be.



    You’re still coming off that odd cycle weegee, so anything is possible! When in doubt, BD! lol



    just purchased a BBT on ebay as none of the shops here seem to have them.



    anyone testing tomorrow with me?



    Morning Ladies, just doing a quick read through, what is clomid?


    Stupid AF showed up today!! Ugggg, on to TTC Cycle #3….trying to stay positive….I know it will happen, eventually. I just hate being such an impatient person…when I want something I want it NOW!!! Guess I should just TRY to be more relaxed, brush myself off and get back on the horse. Here’s to hoping for a BFP in 25 days!



    Imwaitingforbaby……It depends on your body. Normally they say wait till your 16DPO, but some people find out at 12 or as early as 8. It just all depends on your particular body



    Hello ladies! Up until Tuesday I was pregnant, 13 weeks along, but now I find myself back into the TTC category 🙁 We are waiting a month or two for a normal period and then we will begin again. Wishing you all the best of luck on conceiving and the pregnancies to come!



    Hi everyone, I was on this site all the time when I had my son in 09, now ttc #2! This is my second month! Love reading everyones post. I am going to test on the 26th, if I make it that long. good to be back



    Well it’s still BFN so I’m pretty much giving in. For last week I’ve been crampy and then nothing then crampy again. I guess it must just be that I took tranexamic to stop bleeding and that’s delayed O.



    Hey ralphie!


    Just wanted to share with you girls about tests! I tested on the 2nd and got a super faint pos on a FRER then the next morning another really faint pos, and both with FMU. Well on the 4th i tested in the afternoon with a digital and got my pregnant sign! And then yesterday i got a test from my doctor and she said that it was super faint still so the digitals are great. Im still getiing faint pos with FRER. I know they are kinda up in price but they are accurate and no lines to worry about.


    Thanks aselleck i have a warm blanket and soon ds will be home from school and we will cuddle up and watch a movie



    hi crazym! how are you??!! i didnt eat hotdogs during pg…..are you not meant to? or are you craving them?? hope ur good 🙂

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