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    Sounds like ovulation to me! I can tell every single time I ovulate because I can feel a tiny twinge of pain on the side the egg is released from (I’m guessing)…odd, but true! It’s a literal pain, but also a huge blessing because it makes planning a baby easier. 🙂



    xweegeex -**Happy Birthday! :o) Hope you have an AMAZING day!

    Jenjen-thanks, as to you as well! I have a feeling there’s going to be a big group of us ladies that are going to be due around the same time, a lot of us got our postive ovulations on the same day..I’m so excited to hear y’all getting your BFP…seriously, I think we’ll all be blessed soon!!!! 😉 *wishful thinking.*



    a quick layout of my last 3 weeks! DH just got the DD from her nap so I have a few more minutes before I have to feed her.
    I have the 33 day cycle. Our FIRST day of BD’ing was May 22, I had a good amount of CM that day. we also BD’ed the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. we didn’t BD on the 26th thtough the 28th. then BD’ed on the 29th 30th and june 1st. I hope I didn’t O on any of the days we didn’t BD. Can any of you ladies pick apart my info and help me? I hope I BD’ed on the right days : )


    YAY AF CAME!!!! And sooner then I thought . They said with provera it can take up to 10 days to withdrawl bleed and I started on the first day! I know sounds funny that I would want AF! Clomis starts in 5 days!



    TTCBB… ive had that happen before, the rule is to BD until the OPK arent pos anymore that way you know you caught ur surge, so u treat your last pos OPK as when you had ur surge so you should O 24 to 48 hrs from then, so BD,BD,BD!!! 🙂



    eve – sorry you’re cramping, I hope AF hurry’s up so you can start again, but perhaps it’s implantation cramping?? It ‘aint’ over till the fat lady sings! Fingers crossed for you! I’ll throw a +hpt your way!



    i agree with you there, it would make your life easier lol



    The left eye thing was hilarious BabyBeautiful!



    Sarah- let us know when you’ve uploaded!

    1st- good luck I hope either way its what you want



    TPS and mommyof2 – congrats! mommy2aiden – I’m right there with you at CD4 so definitely living it up this New Years Eve. And then at least after the new year the action starts again. Wow, so many of you ladies on here are really inspirational and strong to get through all that you’ve been through and now are doing so well. Baby dust to you all.



    Make love, I told mu DH the term Bed dancing last night, he was ROTFL his AO


    REF??!! WT????? I saw you poas-totally totally positive ?? Oh sweetie I cant imagine-did you use a frer at all or a digital?



    CCT, get bloodwork 🙂



    Question for the ladies that take Clomid, being as my dr talked about putting me on it when I visit him on Jan 24th. How many cycles does it take? What are the odds of it working the first cpl cycles? I ask this cause both of my daughters were conceived in March, and both born in Dec (Dec 2 & Dec 12). And to be honest, we want to skip March so we don’t have another December baby due to it being a very tight month financially. We also have a nephew w/ a birthday on Dec 14th!



    does anyone know how the home pregnancy tests industry is doing in this recession? 🙂

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