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    nun…..That’s how mine were…..After looking back when I got closer to my preggo cycle my 2 cycles before that were wacked out like 34 and then 37, but before that they were jumping but no higher than 29. When your periods are irregular its very hard to concieved is what I have been told but it took me 8 mths. That’s not bad at all



    Ok so todays opk is neg but I’m going to take one tonight at the same time I took it last night and see! So is this 1dpo?



    Saza – I’ve had a bit of bubbly gas? what’s yours like?



    Happy birthday Emma! Age is just a number but youthfulness is an attitude 🙂 you can rock 35 if you dream it



    r+n – I am curious about the soy too. I took soy this cycle on days 4-8, but I don’t think I ovulated even with the soy. I don’t test til Sunday.



    @LKDream thank you so much very helpful and iv written them down….going to Dischem tonight and gonna get me som of that stuff 🙂 not that DH needs to get H###ey that is way toooo natural for him 🙂 but definatly think we might need som help with em swimmers, so thank you very much…this site is great to chat and get support from other TTC ladies so hoping we all can move up on the pages 🙂 BAAAAABEY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!



    hopin, it’s tempting for me to tell u to test.



    thank ladies. i am into looking chart and planning on taking my temperature from next cycle if not lucky this time.



    Well, today is only CD10 for me but I think I am showing signs of ovulating. I have watery cm and I took a opk this morning and there is a line although it is not quite dark enough yet for ovulation. This could explain why I didn’t get pregnant last month since we didn’t start trying until I was on CD 14….I thik I probably missed my ovulation.


    FINALLY!!! A Positive OPK, WooHoo bring on the BDing! DH is stoked lol….. Last 2 cycles were the same deal, positive opk on CD24 and then ‘O’ comes on CD26 clock work.



    wannabe…good did they tell you why u’ve been bleeding so long?



    Just checking in. I’ve been gone all weekend with friends from out of town. This time I know for sure I O’d 2-3 days ago instead of 8-9 days ago like I first thought. I won’t be far enough to do the july 6 POAS party but i’ll be with you ladies in spirit! Good luck! Anyone testing around the 11-13th-ish?



    PS Chica, it’s also possible you have just not ovulated yet this cycle! Hang in there 😉



    fertile week is starting. I dont getting my hopes up. Just will do few bd with leg upping afterwards. Let’s see if it helps



    Amanda – I have a dry erase board in my kitchen and I wrote SOY in giant letters so I wouldn’t forget to take it since it’s the only thing I take at night. I sure would have been annoyed if I missed a day!

Viewing 15 posts - 111,271 through 111,285 (of 131,346 total)

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