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    Yeah, same thing Owen’s is seeing – just one blog – blank… must be a site glitch… I am sure it’ll be fixed soon!



    Duffy: I feel like I have a similar super power when it comes to engagements. I just get the urge to see how a couple is doing and BAM! They’re always engaged VERY shortly after. I’m not so great with babies. Lol



    Oh, and also, my sister just found out that she is pregnant with her 2nd child after having a miscarriage a year or so ago. I’m happy for her, but it’s just a bit of a slap in the face for me at the moment with everything that I have going on. I hope her pregnancy goes without any complications.


    Well AF was supposed to come either today or come tomorrow. According to FF I have an 11 or 12 day luteal phase. However, I always have a day or two of spotting before I start. So far, nothing! Not getting too hopeful yet though.



    Thanks again girls!



    Seeg, this was discussed extensively in my time in the TTCAL forum. The general consensus was that Day 1 was when your hcg levels went back down to zero, not when the m/c happened. Some women will ovulate two weeks after a m/c and other women will take a month. That’s why most doctors want you to wait one cycle to TTC again — it is impossible for them to accurately date a new pregnancy without an ultrasound otherwise. Nice to see you back, Ingodstime (although I wish it was to announce a BFP and not that you’re still trying like the rest of us!). Welcome Emily82! Mistyeyes, sorry but if AF showed then I don’t think you are pregnant. Maybe you are coming down with a virus of some sort? AFM, hubby did his sperm test yesterday. He said the fertility clinic was set up much better than the lab where he did his first test. Apparently they even have a dvd player and movies in there (although he claims not to have used it lol). The best part was that they had a box for him to drop off his sample so he didn’t have to hand it to a lab technician like the last time. He said that was super awkward. He asked and they won’t be calling us with results, so we will have to wait until our review appointment on July 11 to find out. Hoping if I’m not pregnant that AF holds off until at least then since the review appointment is supposed to be done before the next cycle starts.



    thanks Lc you better bd like crazy I want it to be your month 🙂



    Sending up a little prayer for everyone! 🙂



    yep BFN what else?! ha i only had my mirena removed 23 days ago and im already losing my mind…..



    I think I ovulated on Friday (CD 12) instead of Sunday the way the calendar predicted. Had a sharp pain on my side during the day & my bbt shot up half a degree when I took my temp Saturday morning. We did the bd all weekend, now to wait…and wait….ugh, I hate the 2 week wait!



    well fingers crossed for you Justine! I hope you get your BFP!!!!! I am going to go and do some boring revision now! 9pm at night in london and I am settling down to revise!! great!!



    9dpo today and I can definitely see TWO friggin lines on the test. Its very faint, but very much there. I have become a poas addict. I’m hoping this line gets darker. The first faint line was on a cheapie dollar store test. Then I got a tad darker line on a first response. Could I really be PREGNANT!!!



    i remember when i lost my second baby in july of 07, i didnt know how long it would take for all the hcg to be gone, but i tested 7 weeks later and got the big ol PREGNANT andi was like omg were pregnant again! well i wasn’t, just left over hormones. sad. but oh well! i wish a dr would just test my levels without paying an arm and a leg. just tell me if there is the slightest amount of hcg in there and thats it!



    Congratulations Laura m



    lol Justine, not mighty, just a Google Nerd, or Google Hen, as a dear friend calls me 😉 (right Gator?)

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