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    Where’d everybody go??? LOL…Hey Amy: Enquiring minds want to know: did you test again???? :cD Ive been miserable with this heat and was googling and seen one site that summer heat can make morn sickness worse..I dont have a pool but Im vegging in the bathtub..D*MN cant use my new snorkel set..there just aint enough room..LOL and I was feeling just a couple of ‘pulling’ type cramps–real sharp and real brief and no nausea until I got in the tub and started belching the cheese sticks I had earlier..And GASSY right now..I have my own jaccuzi now…LMAO :cP


    yaaaay 4dpo feeling slight crampy and have a slight headache……praying these are great sighns to a fabulouse result! U ladies have an awesome day 🙂



    hey girls! Abigmommy- guess what, so I didnt give my DD her afternoon bottle(to my Dh’s horror lol) and she ate her entire supper..she was so hungry. and guess what she ate lentils curry with rice..uhm that normally ends up on the floor!



    Sherry , im not feeling any different…BB are kinda sore but I still b/f my 11 months old, and they get that way sometimes. Anyway my hubby and I were talking over dinner and he told me to wait one week before I test..Booo lol I want to test now, but I understand how he feels, i have gotten a little test crazy the last few months..I just wish he would understand I I feel…Well 4 more days …I sure hope AF does not come 🙂



    babysofiad~ did you use the same urine sample for both tests?



    What great news… I just logged in and the first words I saw were yours amber… I AM Pregnant! So nice to see a BFP first thing! 🙂 I’m currently CD 7 and waiting for ovulation. Anyone else on the same schedule?


    yah… im gonna get online to UC and sign up, but the soonest that i will be able to get it started will be may 1st….



    LOVEHER I wouldn’t blame you for trying too soon. I had a miscarriage scare with my first. I swear I was ready to start trying straight away. Thank God it didn’t get to that. FX you get a quick BFP



    Morning Ladies! If you guys get a chance could you leave a message on my page and tell me what you think about my chart? Its the last picture on my page. Thanks. Hope you have a great Mother’s Day!


    High cervix + creamy cm + FMU @ 9 dpo = BFN. Which I pretty much figured-was hoping for a BIG SURPRISE! Gonna test tomorrow and every day til Monday! Which should be cd 1 for ivf cycle # 3! and yes GREEN-monkeys mom got bfn at 9, 10 then + at 12 dpo.



    Fingers majorly crossd for you Cleo!



    loopy – I’m so hoping for you! I have noticed that with those tests that if you have a really faint line that it’s easier to read after the test dries (even though we’ve all been told not to read them after the 10 minute time). The last 3 times I’ve been preggers my faint tests were definitely easier to read after the 10 min time. You should post photos! I love to see everyone’s hpt photos!



    Congrats Jumana! We told you we had a feeling, didn’t we BabyS



    goodluck for testing damn



    cartiny suzey: Your period lasted from the 15th – 26th, and now you are spotting again? What have your cycles been like for the past few months?

Viewing 15 posts - 111,616 through 111,630 (of 131,346 total)

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