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    Can’t wait to hear what the news is tomorrow Diane. I work though so I won’t find out until 8:00 at night, since I work twelves! I will be thinking about you, and I have a good feeling about it!



    Good morning ladies. i am 4 or 5 dpo not sure. still have cramps everyday with lower abdmen shooting pain and sore bbs..Cm or ewcm slowed down very few not alot..just waiting for next week for testing.



    Hi all, by the way 😉 Still no AF, temp has not dipped – testing tomorrow. Good thing I am a patient gal!



    sorry new mama-do you use FF to track?



    ok- so what exactly should i do?



    Eve2ndbaby – Yeah, I’m taking B6 specifically to lengthen my luteal phase. That’s what I did after I had a MC due to a short luteal phase. I take one pill each day…100mg. Really seemed to have helped me. Good luck!



    He has the four teeth coming in (that’s the reason for the red cheeks in the pic) but he’s not sick – just cranky!


    I’m so sorry rylans!! Was hoping you would get your bfp. I had a definite temp spike this morning (updated my FF chart on my profile if anyone’s interested) after a possible implantation dip, so tentatively hopeful!! I’ll probably test tomorrow am. I have 1 FRER left! 🙂


    sarah… Thanks so cute. Kids are great at these ages. When we decide to try for another one we told our DD that we were gonna try to have a baby sister or brother and that he or she would be in mommy belly for a while. So now she thinks one is in there now. This morning she sat on my and she there was one in there so with the way I have been feeling we decide to get a test. LOL I JUST HOPE SHE IS RIGHT. I’m praying shes right



    Hi Ladies! I have a question. I’ve just got back from my evening class, on the way out I stopped off at my local store to buya FRER to test tomorrow, but they didn’t have any, only the very expensive digital ones. I want to use FMU tomorrow, so will it be okay if I pee in a container, leave it for an hour, with lid on! drive into town and back to get a FRER, will the urine still be okay to use on my return. Sounds a stupid question, but I have limited experience poas!



    Yes spotting is usually very scary especially during certain times in your cycle! Why oh why does mother nature tourure us so! Lol at least u are now onto the next cycle 🙂 closer to gettin that BFP!



    Ok, so I just found out that ANOTHER friend and his wife are expecting. What’s more, she’s just a week or two behind where I would have been. It’s definitely becoming a little harder to keep positive about others’ pregnancies 🙁


    hello ladies . Just got back from the doc. IUI went well . I am a little crampy , but okay . I am staying down the rest of the night. So i am now just waiting for 2weeks to test. Its going to be so hard, but its nice to be back in the swing of things.



    congrats on the bfps!! im about 11-12 dpo and just had super super light pink when i wiped and nothing since and my temp is back up… so ive got my fx that the witch isnt coming early!! ive never had this before, have any of you?



    Morning ladies I’m 12 dpo and due for af on saturday well I wasn’t going to test early because of my chemical pregnancy in january well because of my car accident my chiropractor wanted to know asap because he wanted x rays so I tested this morning and got my bfp! I’m afraid to get my hopes up though

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