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    Went to the GP monday and talked about why I haven’t conceived yet. She sent me for bloods yesterday and more on cd12 to make sure i’m ovulating. Hopefully something will show up, next next if all ok will be hb’s count.



    sad, everyone has been congratulating me on my BFP but i never said it was a bfp and now its not. i took a digital test and it says not pregnant.



    crazy- i dont think i even wanted them so i dont think i even ate one plus i never really eat them anyways but i dont think they are that bad if they are cooked



    Anyone else have bad back pain? I’ve had it for two weeks now and today finally had to take Ibuprofen for it.



    Thanx jenjen & court, apart from working am sure ill have a good day! 🙂



    Yeah charlie is gorgeous


    rylans ..good luck!!



    i always BD rite up until AF shows up that way theres no way u can miss it lol



    emma31 ~ Katiea got her BFP, I think she is week 7 now.


    DS didnt like the potty he went straight onto the toilet but i found reading a book or colouring a picture or something to take his mond off the whole new concept of it seemed to help – I left him in underpants all day as he didnt like the wet feeling of the pants and started to know when he needed to go wee if i saw him dancing around like he needed a wee i tried to catch him having a wee and catch some in the potty or toilet the moment he had his first wee on the toilet we had a little party . Going for a nuumber 2 was a lot harder as ds has bowel problems



    Just checking in with u ladies. I’m on cd8 and just enjoying BD. I find it hard sometimes to fit that in before falling asleep as I have so much to do before bedtime. I feel like I’m rushing to lay down and then I’m so exhausted that I just want to go to sleep? Anyone else in the same boat or am I floating alone?


    Ok girls pics are uploaded its the last 2 photos im sooooo mad but i had to take a pic to share with you ladies



    BBs are starting to hurt



    I am very nervous…yea, chances of me holding out to test again until Sunday are slim! haha….I will probably test tomorrow AM, maybe I will check my temps as well see what they are running me. Baby dust to everyone! And SAZA – that’s awesome you maybe saw a faint line….mine was a definite ‘NO!’ haha



    myboogy wen is AF due? maybe its implantation? if u had an almost pos then theres still a chance, AF is not classed as being there until u get full red flow, i hope she stays gone hun

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