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    GOOOOD MORNING LADIES!! 🙂 How is everyone today? 🙂



    last month i used almost 10 hpts cost 3 dollars. This month i will try to hold of testing till af due date. i know if i want so much, it will not tend to happen. So just trying to think about other things and mongolian holiday week is also next week. So just will enjoy holiday and good food and few tries in between. Good luck to all ladies.



    amanda, from what i know soy acts like a clomid substitute and helps regulate ovualation for those who are anovulatory or have PCOS



    DamnKat- thanks! I’m hoping it was! But I seem to have more CM now so I’m worried ill O now whe DH is away. Guess I could get my mom to watch DS and rent a car and visit DH at work? :). Lol. I am just amazed at how much effort we spent in the first 6yrs trying to avoid pregnancy and now its so much effort to make sure we BD at the right time. It really makes me appreciate the ease of concieving my DS… We were going to BD and I said to DH ‘ I think ill get pregnant if we do this today’ to which he replied he intended to do so…. Ten days later a BFP surprise! Lol. Anyway, I soooo want to test. I bought a OPK maybe ill test tonight?



    if it was $20 i wouldn’t even care. but for some reason $34 seem so much now.



    damkat….i also took Mucinex (plain, not DS or DM) an hour before BDing on my fertile days…REALLY added to the effect EPO had on CM!!! I think that’s what gave me the edge this month



    AMANDA: thats hilarious, as long as it doesn’t smell!!!

    Ashes: that is soooo cute….believe me i do too! I’m been on clomid since January…and urgh…i went through 6 years of unprotected sex with him w/o getting pregnant, we weren’t trying to, but never took precautions…i hate pcos….

    what do you guys have problems with, if any?



    Mommytoabi, thats so funny, its so hard to fit in spontanious BDng with a toddler! I just bought some preseed today, cant wait to try it but DH is on a boys snowboarding weekend and wont be back until tomorrow, only CD 10 so will hopefully be Oing soon. Good luck to anyone testing this weekend:)



    Hey girls, I can’t believe it I got a BFP a few minutes ago! i took a couple of tests last night and the night before and I saw a line so faint I thought I was crazy or it was a evap. line. i took my last one a few mins ago and got a line straight away. Good luck to all you girls on your BFP this month!!!



    Omg ladies my mouth hurts so bad! I have coldsores/cankersores all over which NEVER happens I mean once in a blue moon ill have one or two but I have 2 on my tounge then one on the inside of my lip then on the roof of my mouth and inside cheeks! I have no clue why but it sucks!



    dark chocolate!!! haha anything rich in magnesium is pretty good 🙂 u could do tofu and get get soy at the same time haha



    cd 12 here and we need to start the bding eventhough it is still early for a 40 day cycle. But sometimes Af shows up early so better start haha!! I am edicited to this site even though i do not post much i like to read from it alot!!! When i read from the pregnancy week by week it makes me wanting to be pregnant very soon. 40 days are too long to wait ;-(



    tiffyy… I spend too much time researching too much stuff 😉 … my nerdy hobby. I only know what I have picked up from good websites, and real life experience (my own, and what I have gathered from all of us on this site).



    I made a facebook group!!!



    thanks two2!! i could see this one much easilier then the one yesterday, much more convincing…..ahhh im freaking out!?!? lol why dont i get a straight BFP or BFN!!! this is torture….

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