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    I think if I even mentioned 4 times a day, DH would look at me like I’ve totally lost my mind! haha.



    aprilrose i dunno. i wouldn’t think so as i would consider thst too heavy for implantation bleeding but too lihg for my normal period. i am only just after a late mc so i assume that has something to do wit it?? really not sure at all


    awww….i have a friend from guam and it looks soo beautiful there…very islandy.

    cpalmer- hahh what?? water?



    Amy – I never have had a problem with IC OPK’s.



    Ladies don’t loose hope everything will be fine. You can try later to take a test then if its to early Spunky. LaChica so did AF arrive?



    Dmmarine, I’m so sorry to read about you and your dh argument. I know,it is the worst to fight about stuff related to sex and fertility. Good luck to you and what you need to decide!






    Vonne – have you took a test yet? seems like pretty good signs that you are pregnant :)FX for you



    no TBT i have to stay here , itd be easier if i stayed, the cost of living out there is like double what it is here and im supposed to be going back to school at some point



    I’m feeling just terrible… no more symptoms, and still no cycle or baby. I cried all night!!! I been reading about other women getting pregn after onemonth off of depo, some got pregn while on depo, theres even some who got pregn 2 months after depo. and here I am still waiting on AF or a BFP.. shoot I’ll even take an infection or something to explain my hormones and why my body is changing each month with nothign to show for it.



    bye LaChica26!


    babylovejen- FX that clomid works for u first round, u will certainly know when u O, u will feel no pain like it right near your ovarys/pelvis area.. everyone experiences with clomid is different. i didnt notice alot untill after i finished taking clomid, i would get hot flashes at night. in the UK its freezing here and at night i would be boiling!! out the covers in just y pants, then the next minute i would be freezing lol. so just beware i hope ur the lucky one and dont get side effects GL



    hey diane how is the poor frog?



    Have any of you had the copper IUD removed and not had a period after? I know the mirena has hormones and can mess with your cycle, but the paragard does not have hormones and shouldn’t have any affect on my af. Dr says it has nothing to do with the iud removal but I’ve never (at least i dont think so) had a cycle this long. I’m on cd35 and it just seems very loooong. Anyone else experienced a jumble in their cycle after the paragard iud?



    morning, cd 27 for me. i just finished 3 days worth og brown spotting, if my temps wernt so low then id suspect implanation bleeing but buggered if i know. lets see if i spot again today.

Viewing 15 posts - 111,856 through 111,870 (of 131,346 total)

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