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    …Okay 7 weeks ago? Were you ovulating? Have you had a period since then? If not go pee on a stick right now. because your probably already pregnant.


    Participant My DD B-Day is the Jan. 12th, my DH is today Jan.15th and mine is Jan.24th lol! We just purchase gifts in the earlier months.



    lol – thanks tryingforthird! You’re instructions are better 😉



    cd2 af showed yesturday was really ligt but still counting it as cd1



    I’ve tested on dpo 7, 8 and today at 9, all BFN, I know it’s really early, but was hoping for a really faint line… no luck…



    christine its been very quiet for bfps latly …theres about 13 of us testing within the next few days af is due for me on friday but still getting dam bfns lol



    armywife – I’d just be honest about how long you’ve been TTC. Have you been charting? Do you know if you ovulate every month? It’s best to go in at least having some knowledge of what your body’s been doing and when because your doc will ask you several questions about it, I’m sure. My doc ordered a sonogram for me right away to see what was going on with my ovaries as she was pretty sure I wasn’t ovulating. She also had some bloodwork done. I went to my appointment and within a month knew exactly what was wrong and several ways to help ‘fix’ things. It was very refreshing to finally have a handle on why I was having so much trouble.



    Hoping–Yes, she was supposed to be here by yesterday. I’m afraid it may be a chemical pregnancy. Nothing I can do but wait and see. 🙁



    haha. Look at us on here! C you’d take the wind or the spinter?? Shall I test tomorrow then? Only thing is I have a laser hair removal appointment tomorrow evening and if you’re pregnant you can’t do it so I don’t know. I don’t have sore BB or anything else…. hmmm I don’t know what to do! It’s not harmful or anything it’s more to do with hormone levels etc.


    Well hello ladies hope all of you are well because im not! Boooo my kids had a stomach bug well still do but now i have it. Headache bathroom every five mins body aches and extremely tired. Good thin its still early in my cycle but dont think im gonna let this interfere lol. My misiion is to make a baby and thats what i intend to do sick or not! I need to stock up on more water cause i tend to have more discharge when im well hydrated but of course this was only happening when i wasn’t ‘trying’. Anywho Baby dust to all!!!



    amy, it’s aite, just wait for 3-4 more days.



    @ Mileysmommy -> irreg AF does make it some what harder to get prego because one you do O late and may not always O. All woman will have some months in their lives where they don’t O. So add that to the mix of O late because of irreg cycles makes it harder to know when you do. Also depending on how far apart each AF is to how many months you skip. So if you have a 40 CD then right there your chances are less than one who has a 28CD. So a 40 CD gets 6 1/2 months in the yr to get a BFP. I hope that helps. GL and lots of baby dust.



    Oh but it IS wonderful when you FINALLY see those two beautiful lines! LOL! Those are the tests you want to frame and hang on the wall! LMAO!


    Hoping- that’s how it was with both of mine 🙁 I don’t even remember my nieces and sister being at the hospital I saw pictures a couple weeks later and was like they were there!?!? Where was I!? Lol



    emilyh- yeah I hate the spotting. How long have you been off BC? I had spotting for two days a week before AF was due it went away and then came back again and now she is def here. How many DPO are you? When is your AF due?

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