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    well i thought AF was here but nope! nothing just a little spotting. this is driving me nuts



    i could kick myself!!! I used the wrong HPT!!! I thought I bought the 6days before kinda test, but I didnt!!! Grrrrr no wonder I only got BFN. bought the right ones and will test again on friday when I am realy 6 days before AF. Wish me look girlies!
    3rdtry – Thats a disgrace! Surely you had a contract! They cant just sack you!


    KIM-not that I have found, we have the 5 dat sooner, but boy was it like Christmas when I saw those!!! I bought a box of 2 packs, 12 of em lololol-so I have 24 FRERS!! ha ha, ok and the digis were 11.99 for a 2 pack, at home they are 19.99$ foe one! so bought a box of those too ha ha……and no the clerks were so crazy busy today they hardly notiticed…thank God…….I cant WAIT for your US-its Monday right?????



    Hi Ladies, looks like I am out of the running this month AF is due on 3rd and I tested yesterday and got a BFN used first response test so pretty sure! AIDENS-mOMMY Congratulations!! I am so happy for you best wishes with you pregnancy may it be easy and joyful! Baby dust to all!



    cleo: How did you also mess up with the opk.



    No cramping… Bleeding is coming and going. I feel icky… 🙁



    thanks princess, but i dont take my temps so i have no idea if it is ovulation. according to an ovulation calculator, i was supposed to O b/w the 13th and 18th, and get AF tomorrow the 31st. so idk if i didnt O then, and i am now, or if i did O and something else is going on now……



    We have been TTC for 6 months now, last month I truly believed than I was PG but AF was 10 day late and now I am wondering if last month will repeat it self. New cycle AF was due on 1 August, I did a test….BFN, I thought I’ll wait, if AF haven’t arrive before today I will test again, now no BFN but I did get a BFfsl (big fat faint second line 😉 My hubby isn’t convinced, he asked me not to share with our family or friends up until I get a BFP, so we bought another test, different make, I’ll use it tomorrow morning (ugggh it is quite difficult to wait). I was wondering if you guys could share a thought, I posted the photo, the photo quality isn’t too good, I took a quite a few and I couldn’t find the close-up function! I will truly appreciate it.

    !!Hey congratulations to peachesmommy!!



    babydust mjharbinson…….ttclovechild30 – does this happen when you try to delete it???



    usmcwife…you betcha, you can feel implantation! I know I sure did with my son…and it feels like period cramps…I kept thinking that I was going to be getting AF last time, which is why I didn’t know I was preggers…cuz I kept thinking…’I’m cramping, must be ANY time now that I’ll get AF’…LOL



    have to go to work soon. not in the mood today



    progesterone can make your bbs sore…not sure about the cramping though…hope it’s a good sign! LK, i’m sure the preseed company has to say that so they’re not liable for infections caused by the applicators being reused possibly with some bacterial growth from the last application. I really hope this is your month sweetheart! GL to the ladies testing this week & a big congrats to sunflower!!



    Just visiting form babies 9 months,, wow i remember when i was here,, seems like yesterday!! it goes fast girls soo baby dust to all and have a happy pregancy


    *got me



    So, If I am preggers I would be 3 weeks and 5 days (starting from the first day of my last period). Im 16 DPO so I would be at the 14 – 28 days?

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