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    Anyone else currently ovulating and getting obsessive about these tests?



    It might contain: Chlorpheniramine maleate (antihistamine) & Phenylephrine HCl (decongestant). Both are very drying of mucous membranes. I would think PreSeed would help. But better to not take this during expected O/fertile days. Have you been checking your CM? Do you know when to expect EWCM?



    i dont know how some of u girls ttc for months. i dont guess u have a choice but to wait but its so nerve racking……



    mocca I get what you say, we are also trying for our 1st, has been 7 months now… would love to be your testing/supporting buddy! FX & lots of baby dust to all ~*~*~



    i’m around 12dpo today. Sent DH to the store last night to buy a test, but his bank card wouldn’t work so no testing for me. I guess thats my sign that its going to be a BFN anyways.



    FX for pinkie! how many DPO are you?



    You guys are awesome!!!! Thank you so much!

    That is good tiffy that there is no sign. Have you tested yet?



    Good morning ladies! I’m dropping in from week 23 just to wish you all the best of luck! My hubby and I were ttc for 53 long months. We tried opks, the guessing game and all. Finally we gave up and 3 months later we’re pregnant. Don’t give up hope it will happen, you just have to have faith in the Lord and pray! Lots of baby dust to all of you!



    BeeBee, when you are consciously making the effort to TTC, your brain actually sends signals to your body making it ‘pretend’ it’s already pregnant… part of the nurturing instinct. At 3 DPO, the egg is still moving towards your uterus, and has not implanted yet (unless you ovulated earlier than you thought).Without implantation, there is no hCG (pregnancy hormone) to make you have actual symptoms yet. Our brains/bodies can be mean to us when TTC! Good luck to you, and hope you get full on preggo symptoms and a BFP soon!


    So no BFP’s today huh? Bummer. Its CD9 here for me, so nothing exciting to report. I normally ‘O’ CD26, so I have about 10-13 days before I can even start OPK’s….. Time is dragging! On a good note I got some Evening Primrose Oil 🙂 started taking those today. Its suppose to help improve CM along with the tons of water I’ve been drinking.



    sorry amanda i meant i think I’m NOT preggo



    Morning. Ladies!!! Well fx I o today or tomorrow I am a little nervous though because I went from being able to see somewhat of a line on my opks to not seeing one the last 2 days so fx I get that pos today or tomorrow! Also my temps are elevated but I don’t know if that has to do with me not sleeping well or what?!?! I guess we will just have to wait and see! I did have some ovary pains today just light now and then on my right side!



    The dollar brands usually claim accuracy up to 2 days before a missed period (they pick up 25 mIU), but I had one show positive with 15 mIU when I had a blood test the same day). The thing I advise when you take a dollar test and get a faint line is wait two more days to test again. They can have evap lines, especially if you wait more than 10 minutes to look at the results. The same thing goes for any test – if you ever get a very faint line, always wait for the second test in a couple of days or the blood test before you celebrate 🙂


    Hope it all goes well pink!!



    think perhaps missed this months opportunity, its weird this is only the second month where I may be somewhat regular

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