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    Cutiepei82, i never had CM increase when i was prego.



    ugh hubby s out at a staff xmas work party and i ahve so much trouble sleeping when he is out. i am just craving food n general..a bit savoury i guess..i have had chocolate a few times but its just not satiisfying where a plate of uncooked 2 min noodles really hit the spot! lol but i do have a rank smell/taste of off yogurt hanging around that is making me feel a bit queesy..not nice!


    Me too ralphie – im goin insane waiting an hour for my doc to ring lol



    Have you been trying for long Rosie? This will be our 7th month. IN my head I know that with hubby being away 5 nights a week it is going to take a while but I keep thinking oh god what if something is wrong 🙁 Then I think I’m spoilt cos I already have one gorgeous daughter why can’t I just focus on her and be happy and relaxed lol. This month my cycle was wacky but the few months before I used opks and ovulated on Thursday every time grrr. I’ve already rung hubby tonight and told him which days he needs to work from home this month.


    raychel~ Sorry to hear that hun =( don’t give up hope…is AF late?


    Been wanting chilli dogs alot lol! And i read they are not good for you but im sure i ate them with my other two IDK. ANother thing is i have been sick and im kinda worried cause i was taking tylonol everyday 3 times a day for like a week i just hope it doesn’t affect the baby!



    Browneyed girl:
    I feel the same way. I’m due for AF day after tomorrow and just expect it to happen, regardless of my symptoms. 🙁 Bad feeling, huh. Maybe it’s that we don’t want to get our hopes up??



    Happy bday xwee!! Hope you have a lovely day x



    me3- sounds like a good thing 🙂



    Thanks for the support girls! I am sad but focusing now on my Christmas celebration and spending time with family. January will be a new month!I hope you ladies who are in the TTW get your BFPs soon!



    I just had emergency laproscopic surgery for an eptopic pregnancy. Has anyone else gone through this before. It’s been a really rough ride.



    emma31~ Sorry you going thru all that. I know with when I had my m/c I was only getting BFP for 1 1/2 weeks after and I thought that was a long time. I couldn’t imagine getting them longer then that. I hope things fix themselves quickly for you.



    Thanks Sarah! Right now we’re doing the naked butt approach just because she’s still too little to pull down her pants. But I really need to get some big girl panties. I bet that would help a lot. Right now I’m just having her go to the toilet as she won’t sit still long enough on the potty we have. She does really well on the regular toilet so far! Haven’t gotten her to poop in there yet, though. I’m assuming it will be a while from what everyone has said.


    mommy…next year is coming!!



    sarah – OH MY! hahaha, that looks like one happy puppy!! 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 112,231 through 112,245 (of 131,346 total)

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