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    MrsbT: When you are breastfeeding you still make lots of the hormone prolactin – a big factor in playing with when you’ll ovulate. It is very possible to get pregnant while still breastfeeding of course, you just have to BD often and hope to catch the egg! It does sound like your cycles are getting back to normal though, and you O between CD 14 – 18



    7thbaby I hope af doesn’t show



    Im 11 dpo but im not gonna get overly excited until tomorrow we will see what the test does.



    Ya, it’s waaayyy too cold, my girls tried to get me to let them outside, I said no way…lol I did not want to be in that cold mess 🙂 my husband is out plowing in it now


    aww I love it aswell Amy..the woman on it last night was really funny! Ialways cry when the babies are born haha


    Does anyone else put pillows under their butt and ‘marinate’ after BD? I must look like a moron right now.



    Ok ladies please help with this question!!! I’m worried. Ok so yesterday I posted a big fat positive on my opk! that was at about 2pm i got it. my hubby and i bd yesterday morning at about 430am. we tried again this morning at like 530 but my son woke up and we couldnt finish! so im worried we missed it. i took another opk just now(almost 10am) and its negative. the line is pretty light now so i know my surge is gone. do you think its too late to bd when we get home tonight? Or do you think yesterday morning was enough? Help im really worried i missed it!



    Thanks Sher- just curious- the new baby- is he active in the baby’s life? And does he plan to try to take custody? Do you think that could be a possible reason why he wants to wait to ttc? I commend you two for working through everything. Have you asked him what his long term goals are with the baby? I.e. Custody? Support? Visitation?



    That’s the problem though! I’m 8dpo right now! I already ovulated, lol. I started getting ferning again and opk’s at 5dpo!


    3wouldbep.i have been using these opk’s too this month but not sure what to think. I have been using them since cd10 and now is cd20 they all have been negative so far with just the control line showing. Something is not right. Anyway. It says on my test the line should be the same or darker than the control line. If it is lighter it is invalid. But than mine could be different to yours. Can it be that I have not been ovulating this month? Don’t think I am that late. My cycles started last year April again and have never been that regular as before DD but always in between 26-31 days long. Have thought about that when testing. But it seems not to be working with me. We will be of on a camping trip on the day AF should show up. That’s going to be interesting. At least I am busy with preparing stuff so that will keep my mind of it for a while.



    @ cnjs – thanx for the dust 😉



    Sher- I know a little boy named King Lee, he was going to be General Lee until it was brought to the mothers attention there was once a resl Gen Lee.
    7th I’m sorry, maybe next month will be your month fx and lots and lots of baby dust. And yes I agree about the names, so many people is so judgemental. My daughter was going to be Kamilla Jade, but noone liked it and kept saying negative things. But Madilynn fits her beyond perfect. I’ve always been better at girl names than boys.



    2010 – Well, it’s not an emergency. I’m not bleeding heavily. Besides I have a major copay if I go to the ER.



    I uploaded to test pics one from yesterday and one today. Yesterday had a clear faint line but today’s is almost nonexistent. If ff is right than I would only be 5 dpo today so that would make it impossible for yesterday’s test to be right? If you guys want take a look and see what u think


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