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    Just wanted to share my story! I was diagnosed with endometriosis summer of 2008, I had been suffering from symptoms and had a history of ovarian cysts for all most 6 years. My husband and I got married and I went off all my birth control obviously this caused me to have some serious pain. We were trying to conceive for 10 months and got the go ahead to start fertility drugs on day 5 of my cycle in January. Knowing this we didnt try very hard in December…kind of gave ourselves a break. Then January came but my period didnt. I called the dr worried about another cyst and they asked if i had taken a pregnancy test. I hung up with them and got a positive!! I was completely shocked. I know for all of you trying it will happen at the appropriate time…sometimes when you least expect it 🙂 Baby dust to all!



    AF came and went. Now i wait till ovulation…



    Ok…. I need suggestions on what the best brand of hpt is. I used 2 EPTs in the last 3 days, and I don’t like the blue lines. Both tests, around the 10 minute mark showed a very very very faint blue vertical line. I thought maybe it was a glare off of the plastic result window, so I took the thing apart, and set the strip down on a white piece of paper… but the very very faint line is just sitting there. Evaporation lines aren’t allowed to be colored. I think I prefer the pink ones to the blue. I know that any time I’ve gotten even a hint of pink line that I’m pregnant, but this blue is so confusing. Both tests have the same colored blue line, that you have to squint to see. The second one from this morning is just wider than the one from monday afternoon, but still the same color. No more EPTs for me. 🙂



    My son will be 20 months old on the 23rd (wow!) and I bled for three days when I was first pregnant with him. When I went to the doctor at 7 weeks and explained how far along I was and about the bleeding, he told me not to have too much hope that it would be a successful pregnancy. Tell that to the little boy who sings ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ non-stop all day long 😉


    Well something amazing happened….I FINALLY got a visit from AF after almost two months of waiting!! I never thought I would be so excited to see AF!! LOL



    Congratulations, prettypreggo!



    Bree!!!! Oh wow!! what an awesome start to the day!!! Now I’m shaking! All the BFPs this month, especially this past week, it’s wonderful! ***SHAKE, SHAKE***!!


    Ok so today is cd 28/31 and i am 14dpo. Still having bad indigestion. Yesterday i was so crampy i was sure it was af g bit early. Then i had a small amount of spotting. Then nothing. Im back to my large amount of cm. O yea i have only wanting bacon for the last 3 days. nothing else is at all aqpetizing. If im not preggo im going to be so confused. This is by far the wierdest cycle i have ever had. Congrats to the nov. Bfps hopefully i will be joining you all next wed if no af.



    Justcallmemama, there are a few sights that help with charting many women use It is pretty self explainitory and helpful. Temping will not tell you before you ovulate but it will be the most sure fire way to know that you have actually ovulated. Basically all you have to do is take your temperature before getting up or moving too much and then input the data on your chart. Your preovulatory temperatures will generally be low and when you notice 3 or more days of high temps you know you have ovulated. You can and should also monitor your cervical mucous… this will help you to decide when to take your OPKS. You will notice more watery/ eggwhite CM when you are about to ovulate. You should ovulate 24-48 hours after getting a possitive OPK. Good luck on your journey!


    Good morning blessed~


    helenwantsabub – how do you know if you are only 1 week pregnant? Bc the first week is actually counted as your period week. Did you ever get a BFP? I looked at your page and it still says Trying to conceive….so I’m sonfused about what to tell you. I hope you’re doing OK…but I think you need to not stress so much. God has a plan!!


    How are you feeling today Rylansmommy?



    shell,, normally after ewcm,, when progesterone takes over you experience creamy white cm.. and being cd20 of a 28 day cycle more than likely you have O and are now in the 2ww. 🙂



    ok, I need some help, I was talking with one of my friends and they said that coca cola can hurt a mans sperm count. I have been trying to find information on it. But keep coming up with nothing. (DH drinks way to much of coke, in fact that is pretty much the only thing that he does drink.) Please Help….thank you



    damnkat – I know what you mean. My DH asked me when I went to the Dr. if I asked how we could conceive a boy. I was thinking like that isn’t my main concern, let’s just try to have one already. They just don’t understand sometimes. Then I had a friend comment on how she wouldn’t ever have anything other than a spring baby. Like some of us have a choice!

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