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    It is hard work and i can remember going up and down the stairs about 100 times a day lol but i found keeping ds ocupied was a great help


    Just a couple more days until I’m supposed to O. So far not a ton of cm or any signs I can really tell O is coming. I really hope Clomid is going to help me . I’m thinking it is but so far the only thing that seems different is all these HOT flashes. CD 11 or 12..crap I better


    Hi ladies. I AM FREAKING OUT!! Ok so I got up this morning and took a HPT because I am a POAS Queen! Well after twisting and turning the stick and holding it under different light I convinced myself that there is the slightest faintest line I’ve ever seen. So I proceeded to take the stupid thing apart… Never done that before today but I have read where people have done it on here so I thought I would try it out. So after I got it apart I took the strip and held it up to the light and there it was a positive…still faint very faint.. very very very faint but it is there. Now my question is…. since I took it apart could that have made an evap line come up or contaminated the strip and made it be positive? I have another test I plan to take in the morning… and will prolly go buy some more dollar test to take over the weekend! Please if you know anything about these stupid lil sticks help me out? Thanks!!



    so…I got a BFP yesterday, posted pics of it…looked pretty clear to me…woke up this morning and got a BFN…I’m confused now. AF is due tomorrow or Saturday, so nothing to do now and wait to see if she comes or not.



    1st, yeah im definatly goin to forget them seeing as we are not trying this month, im not too worried about testing my a*s off lol



    thanx wishin! its jst so scary, i keep wanting to double check that im stil pg……& cos i wont get a scan for like 7 weeks i jst want to make sure things are progressing lol!



    go get bloodwork girl


    wants..I think afternoon. I wake up at around 8 am and usually test around 11 am..(my second pee lol)


    Just gave in and took a test 5 days post ovulation.. It was BFN… 🙁



    ok im back from the dr! he said after the time ive tried that he is not worried ill have a problem..i got lucky my first time. he said there is no reason i need to use the opk since im so regular. i giggled. he is so nice! he told me i didnt need to bd every day-e/o day is fine and since i O on days 14 or 15 that i should do it CD 11 13 15 or 12 14 16. either one he said was great. and by the 1 yr mark i have a 90% chance of getting preg and he says i will be! lets hope!!! and if not then he will schedule all the lab work and tests!



    R&N – i think you are right about your lutael phase, my prayers are with you



    toomany- have you tried fertility acupuncture?



    I woke up out of the blue last night.. I had a dream or either really was having period cramps! so strange… AF isnt due until sunday!… could this mean something?



    Anyone see Oprah last night? The octomom and that financial advisor was on..forget their names. Anyway she brought up a question for the audience…saying who amung us hasn’t had one child they couldn’t afford and decided to have 2..or who has had 2 children with financial trouble and decided to have 3 anyway. She said they are just like her. My question for myself was am I really affording this one child I have? Would it be irresponsible to have another one? She pointed out that just because our parents did it is not an answer. And that whole your never ready is not right either. You should be out of creditcard debt and have a 6 month emergency fund..and health insurance. She asked octomom if she was a ‘baby-addict’..she said yes she used to be. Does anyone have thoughts or feelings on the show? Just curious


    Just strip down and jump in front of him that will get his attention lol. Well ladie have to go get ready for the pool party talk to u all later. Good luck C

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