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    ok so i need opinions! I am dying here its been 20 solid months of trying and DH goes off to Afghanistan for a year May 4th but will be down in TX doing his training so this last month was our last time to try and get our second. I have pretty normal 28 to 29 day cycles and my last AF was March 16th we BD March 26th I beleve and the 25th before he left it happend to fall like RIGHT before my window of perfect timing but just wondering if you all think i was close enough to it that it may work? I tested about 3 days ago and it was neg. I dont feel any different but is it worth testing again?



    I do hoping – getting my full test results in early November, and likely getting synthetic thyroid pills to help my endocrine hormone balance.


    Hello ladies im hoping someone could give me some type of advice my lmp was march 6th and it lasted 5 days i than had another period the end of march like around the 26th which lasted 3-4 days(and i have no idea why i had two periods in march) i than went to the doctor monday the 16th and got a blood test taken and it was negative i than took a test last night and it was negative…for the past 3-2 days i have been cramping with no sign of blood so im wondering if im going through implantation and i tested to early???idk im so lost especially with not knowing what period to go off of.



    looks good can i but my number up so you guys can check my out??



    I agree with that ya hubby defo needs an energy drink aswel as u doing the soy iso, ya can start soy from cd1 to 5 if desired xx



    Congrats Phinanj on the BFP!!! And Good Luck the to rest of you ladies testing this weekend! C’mon BFPs!! I’m really really fighting the urge to test early..but I need to wait!




    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Diane! 🙂 Maybe this still IS my month!


    Congrats to all the BFP!! I’m hoping to get mine on Friday 🙂



    I agree duffy. Hopefully u can find something, im sure hell love watever u get him.



    tryingfor1more I am having the same symptoms sore bb and cramping on and off and occasional nausea that comes and goes. I was on Provera and Clomid and have no idea what cd or o day I am on. Going to try and wait a week or so and maybe test. uggh this is so confusing.



    good luck sho24!!!!



    Hi ladies I’m pretty sure I tested to soon do to being anxious about why I’m spotting. I tested 5 days before my period was to start and the test stick said it was for as early as 4 days. I’m thinking I should test again. My nipples are super sensitive and red. Nose is still runny. My nipples are so sensitive that the car seat belt bothers me. I’ve never had them like this before. I’m going to test again this site calender says I am to test on Sat. So I did to early good grief!



    good luck duffy hopefully your mum is right. oh LCM I am a google-holic LOL DH know about af and O and thats it and I think he likes it that way. I would tell him we are bding and he was like ok and just follow he knows not to piss me off when I say af is due and to fire me up before I O lol actually quite cute now that I think about it . LOL!!



    I go in for the blood test in a couple of hours! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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