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    No aunt Flo yet, with my period being irregular, I’m not surprised.. I haven’t been posting much on here because nothing much has been happening with me. My periods have went fom August 10, to Spetember 22, to November 5th.. So I don’t know when she’ll be coming back if at all… Hoping this is my month seeing I’ve been having signs of pregnancy and aunt flo, but got a BFN so I’m thinking either she’s coming or I tested to early.



    danahlovesdoug ~ I was 6 weeks along by May 10th, but then I started bleeding, alot. I bleed all week with tons of blood clots. I assumed I was having a misscarriage so I didn’t think I needed to see the doctor. Well, 3 weeks passed and I was still bleeding. I went in to check my hcg levels and they were still pretty high. And then I went in again on tuesday and they had jumped from 63 to 270. That evening and all day the next day I was doubled over in pain. It was horrible. Thursday morning I went in to the doctor and my urine test came up possitive, I had a sack of blood in my uterus, bleeding in my pelvis, and a large cyst on my right ovary. They imediately set up the surgery for that evening. Thankfully the surgeon was able to save both my tubes and ovaries. I was trully blessed. Now I am trying to recover both physically and emotionally. I can’t pick up either of my two children until I get checked again. And there only 3 and 2 years old so it makes it even harder.



    Thanks Hell, it really has been a nightmare! Wow Katiea got her BFP! Fab!



    lol aww 🙂 wow sarah, good job, now DS is 5!can u believe it?!?


    rylans…I’m sorry..are you going to try the treatment again soon?



    lol sarah thats adorable 🙂 id be mad but its just so cute


    REF..WHAT THE HECK?? Was it a blue dye test? I will go look at the pic.



    GL Tasha : )



    lol loopy, ur well prepared with all ur tests!! 😛 wen i was pg last time with dd i only tested once, yes once!! WTF!! iv no idea why i didnt test again, everyone was like are you gonna take another test, i was like na im pg….cool as a cucumber lol, well not this time…..!!!!! GL for testing!



    Plus I just moved here and have virtually no idea where to go on base yet!



    lisa- i dont take clomid but i know a few on here that have taken it and got their BFP the first cycle of takening it..good luck babydust..



    semper – haha, that’s cute. I checked on FF, and the earliest BFP’s recorded were around 10 dpo, I think I saw one at 8 dpo. Hold out a few more days hun 😀



    hey ladies I have a question what is pre seed?



    Well ladies I ‘m 7DPO so half way through my 2ww yay! I had a temp dip at 4DPO but my temps have gone back up. After recording my highest temp yesterday at 36.35 I am now back down to 36.25 this morning…it is so hard when it is really cold!!!



    ref – I’m so so sorry! Hopefully you do find out what is wrong. + OPK yesterday and now a cold today and def do not feel like BD anymore 🙁

Viewing 15 posts - 113,266 through 113,280 (of 131,346 total)

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