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    Hi Bex what your experiancing sounds like implantation bleeding I had it myself and It went off an on maybe 3 days , It was pinkish clearish on cycle day 11 and then brownish toward cycle day 14 right before I discovered Af wasnt coming I hope this eases your mind a bit and that everything turns out find for you.



    cherry – How’s Elizabeth doing? Is she into everything right now? D is at the major fit throwing, wanting to constantly have attention phase. He used to play on his own so well and now it’s like he HAS to have someone to play with. I admit, my tv is babysitting right now. He’s totally absorbed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and chewing on his daddy’s dirty sock. LOL I’m such a stellar mom! 😛



    cd 8. cramping a lot today?!?!? mostly on left side. strange and painful….



    im so sorry saza 🙁 its sooo tough to see BFN every month, i know, especially when u think u have finally done it! hang in there!! u know u should maybe take on of those breaks that everyone seems to be gettin preg on 🙂 big huge, super duper squishy bear hugs!! XXXX


    Dm-my chart is last pic on my profile 🙂



    I tried to take pictures, but my camera wasn’t working. Everything was bright and couldnt make out the image. I took the first test yesterday, and the second test today in the morning. I can’t say it’s first morning urine b/c I have always got up to pee in the night. Did twice last night.
    The lines are about the same. But you can clearly see it. When I was pregnant w/ my daughter thats how it was w/ her. It never really got dark.



    So today is my birthday and DH took me out for breakfast. I saw no less than 5 pregnant women and then found out that another one of my friends is pregnant. I’m very happy for them. But I feel like a bit of a monster because I was sad that I’m not pregnant too. Then this afternoon spotting, so it looks like af may just show as well. sigh. how long is this going to take??!



    OVULATION ON CLOMID TIP. When I got pregnant on Clomid, I tested every day from CD9-CD18 and never got more than a half faint line around CD17. Obviousely I did O because I got pregnant, but maybe Clomid upsets the opks. Just a thought.



    @lilmeeh With my first when I was younger, much younger I got my cycle back at 9 months. With my second I had to wean for night time only to get my cycle back at 19 months, then after 5 months of ttc I nightweaned again and conceived immediately. With my last I got my AF back at 1 year old after I started working so I was away from him more often. He only nurses once or twice a night and some in the daytime.



    however i did have a temp dip yesturday i dont know if that has anything to do with it



    Welcome Cari! Hope your stay here is short and sweet 🙂 I can`t help in the Ovulation testing as I never used them. But from what I gathered from some of the ladies talking about them on here before if you get a raging positive then Ovulation will occur in the next 24 hours or so. Good Luck to you!



    ty diane. thats cute! i almost got madi a pink dinosaur costume but im a HUGE fan of leopard so the pink leopard won lol.


    Wow my temp this morning is 36.80!!!!! That is the highest I’ve ever seen it whilst TTC, having high temps AFTER O does that mean its a good sign of progesterone?



    sho – sounds like implantation!!!!!! I sure hope it is!!



    Does anyone have a preference as far as brands of OPKs and pg tests? Has anyone used the bulk strips you can get on amazon? They have great reviews so I’m tempted to give them a try…

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