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    Last cycle mine increased before AF. I dont remember what it was like when I was preg with #1 though.



    Sorry about all the af’s n bfns. Ducky and mrsknitter good luck! This could really be your month!

    So as u all can see, even though im no longer ttc, I’m still lurking around praying and rooting you ladies on. Good luck!



    ***ROLL, ROLL, ROLL!!!*** Mmmmm sweeeeeet!!



    Nicola-Congrats on the engagement! Thats great!
    Well if I am calculating right, which I hope I am. I am now on cd 34 and no af. But yesterday I still got a bfn. So confused. I think I may call my doc for a blood test on monday if she doesn’t come this weekend. Hoping she doesn’t! Your cycle can be as long as 35 days correct? Or have I been reading things wrong?



    OH man ya he would be soo happy….but then again so would i cause i wouldn’t have to worry about going thru labor again! LOL



    hey neicie04- that’s the dreaded day that my AF is supposed to come too! if I’m late, testing on the 9th with inkdoll. blowing BD your way. I’ve got a feeling a lot of us will be getting promoted out of TTC this month



    i have a question!!!! can you get pregnant while taking MEDROXYPROGESTERONE? ive been doing research and i cant seem to find anything on it.



    8 DPO and still haven’t tested yet. I’m proud of myself. Lol. Well at 7DPO I have sore BBs and cramping…also have been tired more than usual constantly yawning but could be due to lack of sleep or time change. So many factors can be involved. I don’t want to put my hopes up…I just wish there was more sign….still have CM.



    Thanks lv, glad I can come here and have a bitch 🙂 . Just keep bding and bding I really hope you get another bfp this month fingers crossed.. And jen when will you go back for more bloods?


    THANKS LADIES I WENT TO THE ER TO CONFIRM MY PREGNANCY AND SURE ENOUGH IM PREGNANT!!! my hcg levels were 166 so im around 4weeks they want me to get my levels re tested wed to make sure they are rising!!!



    Nope boyoboy, but I think he knows 😉 I have an u/s Friday, and if that goes well, I might crack and tell him on the weekend. I really want to try to wait until his birthday on the 28th, but we’ll see!



    Redbeamer hopefully this is finally our month!!! Long time coming for me.. I do have other symptoms but I don’t want to think to much into it, but I got up to pee 4 times last night and I woke up this morning and almost peed on my self, minor cramps, and minor breast pains… I get sore breasts when it’s time for AF, so I’m praying and waiting.. If nothing by the end of this week I will be testing as well, but my patience is running thin! Is anyone else having an early symptoms? Baby Dust to everyone!



    CD 1 🙁



    MaxwellsMommy- yes! Well I couldn’t wait so I took the other (blue dye) test last night and again a very extremely faint positive , then went out today and got a first response 5 days sooner, took it this afternoon and it looks negative to me :/ I am 6 days late and on CD 34 ….. The past week I have had horrible cramping almost doubled over , felt like labor pains , it was an odd pain actually….. I haven’t had pains the past day or 2 though ….. Maybe its just my stress that is keeping AF away 🙁



    Thanks duffy, iv had a headacke to lc I went to bed with one woke up with one had some panadol and still have it, I feel sick today and sore throat but I know its not a cold coz I don’t get colds + its not cold even to have a bug and I don’t get around anyone to catch anything lol youngmum that’s normal hun

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