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    congrats mama!



    Bex, is it AF for sure? If the spotting stops today, it might just be mid-cycle spotting indicating ovulation is close!



    Bfn for me so I guess I just got to be patient n wait for af xx






    Lots going on here since i last dropped by, praying for lots of sticky bean dust to those who are worried for their LO’s! keeping everything crossed for you all! I ovulated today, so hoping this is our lucky month, had some stronger than usual O pains, not sure what thats all about, sort of feels like heavy AF! anyway, ill be due on the 11th, but i guess i can test around or from the 8th? anyone else testing around then!?



    hello ladies! well CD 17 and no positive OPK. I was hoping the spotting i experienced a few days ago was due to ovulating but it obviously wasnt the case. So now i am waiting for AF – first month off the pill so i have no idea what my natural cycle is going to be like. Its just a real waiting game.



    cbv25 & andy20 thanks for your responses, guess I’ll just have to wait it out & see what happens! Sorry to the ladies feeling ignored, felt like that a little bit when I was on here a few months ago, sure no-one is ignoring you intentionally but it can still be upsetting if you’re looking for advice & feel no-one is responding to you. A lot of the time I don’t know the answers to peoples questions so don’t respond. Hope you’ll find the group more friendly from now on & will start getting more interaction x



    Have you had any bleeding or cramps?



    Goingfornumber3: I think most of us have experienced that feeling, no matter the type of birth control. You need to give your body a little time to figure out what’s going on. It’s too early to really think or even know if you have ‘ruined’ anything, and even that its rare. Some people take a long time to ovulate after certain bc, like the shot. It’s tool early, so your wasting time and energy worrying about it. Who knows you may get pg right out the gate 🙂 I hope your cycle regulates soon and that you get a bfp asap! 🙂
    Ughhhh, cd9 and I’m breaking out like a pizza face ;( doesn’t ever happen like this 🙁 2 dpo….I think.



    LittleKisses: post away 🙂 Pregnant ladies who got that way by TTC still have advice to give on the topic!! Or just wanna post general chat – random thoughts – that’s cool too!!



    Sorry for the few losses that happened this week 🙁 my heart goes out to you and hope that you can quickly move to the blue pages when u are ready. I also have irregular cycles but my doctor says it’s within the normal range and just told me to have lots of sex lol they did an ultrasound to make sure everything but it’s frustrating since before my daughter I was clock work. I’m nervous that being irregular is going to make ttc a long road. My daughter was unplanned so this is my first time trying to get pregnant so we’ll see! Congrats to all the BFP the last few days!



    luva – fertile cm is usually clear and stretchy, similar to eggwhites and is most common around ovulation, so I would say yes, fertile cm = ovulation cm.


    So I’m testing tomorrow…I swore I wouldn’t do it early (I’m due next Wednesday to greet AF) after the miscarriage in March at 6 weeks, but what can I say…I’m super curious! My doc said the digital tests are amazing…and it can be good and bad. I knew at 3 weeks (and a few days) with all 3 of my pg. I’ve been off bc since June, but haven’t actively tried…just enjoyed the summer practicing to try. LOL Let’s hope the relaxation did me some good!



    I am 7 DPO and had a temp spike this morning. I just went to the bathroom and had some extremely light pink spotting! I’m so excited, I hope this is it 🙂


    kristy I will definitely have to temp next cycle if this one doesn’t work. do you have a suggestion on a good website to track it or what do you do? wantsonebad – good luck, you may very well have a positive tomorrow morning if not in a couple days! good luck to everyone else as well and praying for BFPS!!

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