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    Youngmum, did your dog hurt the kid? Was it a ‘go away’ snap or a ‘playfull’ snap? How old is your dog?



    ***Message was cut-off! <<skeptical!) Anyway, I had no spotting, still 'felt pregnant', but no AF. I wanted answers. Anyway, about a week and a half after AF was due she finally arrived. That whole thing has made me learn that there is nothing we can do. Instead of trying to divine information from symptoms and google, we have to find ways to keep our minds occupied and just wait it out. Easier said than done! I also have 2 kids and we will be actively trying for a third in Jan (if I am not pregnant this cycle which still has my fingers crossed! LOL). Hope you can find some answers. If I were you, I would ask my doc for a referral to an osteopath. They tend to try to find the underlying issues (ie figure out what is causing the cysts and treat that, not just treat the cysts). Good luck and updates! It isn't over until AF is knocking on your door! If you are due in 4 days you might only be 10dpo, that is still early!


    love – it is like an evap line…



    i want to test so bad it’s killing me, i put up a good front, i can wait i can wait but deep down this 2 ww is rough. I have until friday morning. Friday morning is my test day…anyone want to set a date? CA-princess – Thank you, i used to take pictures, then somehow life got too busy and I stopped. i will def. be getting things back to status quo immediately!



    Oh yeh lc you have to be sad, that’s what I mean don’t try and fight the saddness 🙂 just some people stop trying when they m/c I think its best to keep trying.



    wow ladies what is up with me!!! just had another fight with DH. He went out on a bus party which is a bus that pub hops through the night. i went to fetch him from where he said he was, told him i was outside then he told me he hadnt left the first place – got there and he was with a friend and his ex gf!!! i know i can trust him but i cant trust her!!! iv had enough crying now to dehydrate and iv kicked him to DS room and DS is in my bed 🙂 cant believe my son is 2 today!! (its 3 november here already so where i am its a day closer to test date for us all. i know if i am pregnant well implantation wouldnt of taken place yet but my boobs are so sore and i am cramping so much like ligament stretching down at my uterus



    Sorry to hear itsaboy :0/



    Hoping for BFP’s for all you ladies starting your new cycle 🙂



    thx ladies..I’ll have an idea in about 3 days from tomorrow..good luck with the potty training wanna and tahlia!



    Im no help either got pregnant on the pill and 1hen i found out i was pregnant i was 22wks already lol



    thanx lc and di. i use them every month,from day 8.dont have any cm and no cramps yet,maybe they are right. the month i fell pregnant i didnt get a positive till day 16..ok just gona baby dance like usual. diane: how are u going??



    Corrie29 and neice congrats in your bfps xxx



    on mine the top 3 are dark and the bottom one was yesterday when the LH is leaving so it’s lighter



    So ladies, I am not sure what to think. After the kids had opened gifts today I was just sitting back on the couch taking it all in and working on a word search book my daughter got me. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling in my lower abdomen. Not cramping, not painful…kind of a…well I’m not sure…its like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Flutter comes to mind, but not so sure that the word I want. It has been two days since hubs and I did the BD. We’re only on month 1 of trying, so I’m weirded out. Could it be that the IUD was just recently taken out (3 weeks ago)? Has anyone had a feeling like that or do you knwo what it could have been? I almost wondered if it was conception..but it has been 48 hours…surely it wouldn’t have taken that long..would it? ok, now wondering if a test is necessary..



    Im here 🙂 . That’s the good thing about net on my phone im always here haha

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