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    Lol..toomany…I wasnttalking about you! I know you are trying..I am too:) almost 43 now..took 5years to make my first..I dnt know if there’s still hope fo me


    Momof2: I hadnt received any wierd messages from that person so Im not sure what to say. Maybe report them to the person who is over this site? I personally have a crisis with the dd right now but Ill be back in a few minutes.. :c)


    Hey loopy, if u do get your BFP then you have two perfect opportunities to celebrate! FX love hope to hear some lovely news in the next few days


    TAKE TWO: make it 76 i wanna come i wanna come iiii waaannnnnna come!


    Pauline, I tested all last week lol all BFN should I test now? How many days after inplantation would it show up positive?



    i’m just starting to try too. i’m not too concern though…i got my mind to get off it…


    Anyone know where to buy preseed or some generic form of it for cheap??



    can anyone feel it when they’re ovulating? my nibbly are sore and huge and my bb are tender. then i get lite cramps on teh sides and sometimes in the belly.



    hoping – im the same every time I feel a bit tired/sick/see an extra vein in my boob im convinced, I dont know how ive got like this lol, with dd I new we was trying but was never even tempted to take a test b4 af was due, it was due 7th may and it was my oh that made me do one on the 1st bfp, luckily that was the 1st month ttc so didnt spend much on tests, I think I will give the pound shop a go thank you! And good luck to you 2 🙂



    what state are you in? i’m in mass, it’s almost pitch dark here and it’s only 3:45pm. we’re having a thunderstorm, i think 4th of july will be cancel


    Now 22.37 – Late for me, off to bed! Night night all and lots of baby dust!! 🙂 xx



    Mommytonatalie: you’re preggo hun 😉 If your mid-day pee is still giving you light lines, there’s a bun in that oven! As the day goes on, the lines might get lighter, best to wait till morning to POAS again!


    Yummmmm I’m gonna try and look for sum fluff now!!!! And I love vegemite!! So does my son!! We have the lollies (candy) called redskins/ minties/ sherbies and they are amazing!!! So are Tim tams!! My sis lives in the Uk and she says she misses burger rings, finger buns and musk lollies! They all said I was crazy for wanting to eat musk flavored lollies when I was there!!! Now I want some musks damn it!!!!



    Ladies I am new to OPK but it’s been a good day today got a positive OPK and now all I need is my husband LOL but it’s nice to know that it is happening any way for when he does come back. Also passed one of my classes for my uni semester so been a good day. Hopefully their will be better ones to come. Baby dust to all!!


    Well im 10DPO and FRER says NOOOOOOOOOOO????? BFN….. i want a BFP so bad that im even dreaming that i get my pos…. then wake up and get sooooo dissapointed cos its only a dream. does this mean im out????? cos FRERS are pretty accurate arent they???

Viewing 15 posts - 113,806 through 113,820 (of 131,346 total)

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