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    Hi Ladies, HNY after 2yrs of trying to conceive, I finally got the BFP this morning!!!! dont want to be carried away yet, my AF is now 3 days late.
    Congrats to all with BFP in the housse



    I duno lc, my doctors stupid! Haha


    Hey ladies! So AF is officially late (I had 28 day cycles for the past 2 months and 29 the month before that). I have not tested yet because I am afraid that I will get a BFN and really don’t want that. I am also afraid that I might have ovulated late and that is why AF is late. Really want to test but don’t want to be disappointed!



    I second that. that’s the best news Duffy!!!


    So I got a call from my OB today. Turns out my thyroid levels were low. Anyone know how this can effect TTC?


    Loopy–I used to the 2 marker on the applicator and used it everytime we BD around fertile time! Good luck! I’m a true believer in that stuff!!!



    So I’m bf my son, who is 8.5 mos old. Last night I was throwing up every hour from 330am till around noon. Then the runs started, with bubbles in my tummy. I’m 15dpo and cd 30. I was expecting my period thurs. we are not trying and I track my temp so I know my cycle and know when we can just have sex normally and not worry about pulling out and condoms. Only way we could be preg is the one time we didn’t use a condom and hubs pulled out. I’m freaking out and what worries me is I also have some insomnia which. Usually don’t have. Anyone had this with previous pregnancies and be preg? I’m really hoping I’m not preg, but I have tests on order and should be in by the end of the week.


    Excited- when I got preggo the second time I think I took ilke 2 pregnancy test every week for the first minth, lol. I’m doing good, just inpatiently waiting 9 more days to test, lol.



    Ali – I could see the whole line, but a side of the line was darker than the rest?



    morning to all my lovely ladies! 🙂 its def. been a while since i came on the forums around here, been super busy and its nice bcuz i have actually taken 50% of the time i spent on worrying about everything and replaced it with things that need to get done to keep me occupied, so far its working! QUESTION: i am cd14, my OPKs are doing weird things to me lol been taking them for 4 days and oddly my darkest one was 4 days ago, very light the last 2 days, anyone else who took soy have weirdness with their OPKs? i dont take them regularly, i usually just temp so its annoying me that my OPKs are nowhere near positive! theres some updates on my blog ‘ soy isoflavone experiment’ hope everyone is doin well! xxxx



    Babyknight – I am in the same situation as you, with a 3yr old and a 15month old. This is also my last month of trying for a bit, and if it doesn’t happen I will skip a couple of months (we have a nice family holiday booked to France and I do NOT want to be at the height of morning sickness when we go in June!)



    SAM thanks its ok tho its only our first month so i was expecting it. and i probly could eat the whole thing but i still have too much extra weight on me right now lol



    …just did an OPK this morning… looks like it could have been positive yesterday. Argh! I did BD yesterday, but I had actually decided that I wouldn’t go for a Dec due date, as my son’s birthday is Dec 2nd! My potential due date given when I thought I’d ovulated was 28th Nov, but now it would be on my son’s birthday! eek! Ah well, we’ll see! Starting my 2ww again… lol



    Looking good Alicia 🙂



    today i have been having egg white discharge again. I know I ovulated yesterday or saturday bc I got positive opk on thursday and friday. We bd’d cd 12-13-14-15-16-17-19-20-21-22. I hope I can take some time off bding now!

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