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    Ok ladies…sounds like AF was short and nasty (not sweet) for a lot of you. Now, get your grooves on and then get your hips on a pillow and legs in the air! I want to see a LOT of BFPs this month. I am pulling hard for you ladies and sending up prayers. Whatever freaky business you have to do to make things happen this month, then get on it. I’ll even sing you a little mood music…bow chick a bow bow!



    hope ur right 🙂



    Everyone have a wonderful day!
    @dardar ~ okay that good…well all the best.—– @emmapants ~ if you feel old at 35 gosh I must be and old bag I’m 36 lol I feel young and look like I’m 18 ha ha Happy Birthday! —— @MartinezMom27 ~ I would test again in a day or two but if you used those other test they could be more sensitive then the first response. Good luck *babydust*



    tomato, hope u’re right, either way the bay is super healthy…so that’s all that matters



    Spooky…’gear’ LOL! DH would die if i said, let me see your gear hahahaha! meganash, i get kinda pervy around O time LMBO! it’s crazy how these hormones really do promote libido!



    hopin, congrats…i hope u are preg then u can shock ur hubby, but hope u guyz have some $ left after the wedding then for the baby



    pink-stork -sorry to hear, when babies are sick, that is really hard.



    Hey girls I’m pretty sure I’m 1dpo today. I had +opk fri & sat. Dh & I have been bd like crazy. I really hope this is our month. We’ll see if the soy did anything for us. This 2ww might be torture but I didn’t get to ttc last month cuz of tests so I’m kind of excited to see what goes on this month. I’ll probably test 10dpo since I have a lot of ebay tests so at least that will satisfy me. 9 days til test time! Congrats goingfor3 Hope to be joining you soon.


    Thank you al for the Congrats!!! Im still in shock, I cant stop smiling. It feels so unreal, but im sooo ready for anyhting this pregnancy throws at me! lol



    mjharb i have pcos…i was diagnosed 10 years ago too



    Pink-stork- I’m in Melbourne, Australia. Wish I was in the States though!!!



    hopin, i dun get headaches, but teh last time i did was a week after my ovulation and i became pregnant. i didn’t get implantation bleeding, but i got teh headache instead


    I recieved my fertilaid today!!!! Im so excited. I have read it takes approximatly four weeks to regulate cycles so i am calling today CD1 :D!!! Any cycle buddies????



    i am not sure if my o is regular or not because i just got out that mirena. if its not supposed to happen it wont but maybe it will help it out a little….



    just curius where those of you get your opk in australia.. like australian websites or stores and hwo much.. for 10 at the shop its about 12 to 20 dolers iam thinking i might try going out of my confort zone and atempting to order some online

Viewing 15 posts - 113,836 through 113,850 (of 131,346 total)

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