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    Katherynsmum- with my first son I had major symptoms immediately! Very early sore boobs and bloating with nausia , with my second son I didn’t have sore boobs until my 2nd trimester and I stayed very small and gained half the weight ….. U have a good sign so far!! Good luck 🙂 I also heard right around ovulation you can have sore breasts for a few days too :/ but If they stay sore that’s a very good promising sign !!



    This might of been asked before but I am new to this forum so for people with babies/children already how long did you try for them?



    November- it could be. My cervix isnt really high right now but it’s very soft! Good Luck!



    I am sorry alicia..maybe it is something you’ve eaten or you are constipated?
    Ok I am off to bed as I am feeling extremly tired…talk to you all tomorrow



    I don’t know if any of you check your CP (cervical position). It can be a great way of determining ovulation but it is not a good indicator of pregnancy. At all!!! Lol Checked mine yesterday and it was very high and so soft it was blending in! Crazy. And last night AF showed up. With my last pregnancy my cervix was medium, medium firmness, and closed. Found out the next day I was pregnant.



    ok WTH is wrong with my DH. the past few days i have had a huge increase in CM and i was telling him we have to BD at least once a day and the past two days we havnt Bd’d cause he would be like im tired or i dont feel like BD’ing and finally yesterday we BD’d and he pulled out i dont get it cause we have been trying for a little over 3 months now and he never did this before and now that im taking medication to increase my chances of getting pregnant now he dosnt want me to or what. im so upset cause he used to talk about how bad he wanted another baby and now hes either not wanting to BD or pulling out when we do have BD. WTH is his problem? it kinda makes me think he was just saying that he wanted another baby before so we could BD every day cause right now my chances are greater then ever to get pregnant and now hes acting like this. anyone know why or having this same problem? please help


    second month trying for baby number 2! I got a positive ovulation test yesterday (pic on my profile) we bd’d yesterday and lots of days before lol we plan to bd today again…really hoping this is the month 🙂 Baby dust to everyone trying!!



    I was having to a plan to see my Dr. Today but I couldn’t I was very busy at the office. Tomorrow may be. I am so eager to know what will be next step he recommends.



    Well ds loved toys r us. then we came home and had a 3 hr nap, lol. really thinking i’m o’ing right now, or will by tomorrow.. lots of crampps and o pains. lots of ewcm. come on o, wanna start the tww gonna bd tonight I think.. anyone got any experience with bding real close to o, is it pretty much guaranteed a boy, we really want a girl, I mean either is fine but we already ahve a boy so.



    tk2 they kind of get gradually darker sometimes so if you get one that’s pretty near positive test again later that day because you don’t want to miss the surge. Or that’s what I did anyways.



    hello, i used this site before when i had my 2 daughters and everyone was so helpful so thought i would ask my question here. as said i have 2 daughters that i conceived without any problems. i have since been diagnosed with PCOS so i am taking yasmin. have also managed to lose 6kgs in weight. my question is that if i fall pregnant whilst taking yasmin would i still get a ‘period’ after the last tablet? i was taking antibiotics last month and also missed a couple of yasmin pills. i did take a test a few days before my period but it was negative. i got my period but it was pretty light and dark (sorry if TMI) now i have been feeling nauseous for 2 days,, just like when i was pregnant. going to get a test today but just wondered if anyone had any info on this! many thanks everyone



    lol :0)



    TaraLynnnn – So sorry about AF showing up:/ Thats cool your husband is so supportive and in it to win it with you:) Most guys just ‘plant their seed’ and do the captain Morgan dance and move on hoping it was a success,lol. Interesting tool! I will have to check it out.



    I’m just waiting on the second test to see if it doubles super nervous but excited. The number is high but other sites it seems fine. I don’t care about the first number too much I feel like calling him right now though lol


    Ugh! FF is showing that I ovulated 3 days ago on CD11 but I don’t think that is correct. I haven’t gotten my positive OPK yet (and I always get a positive test). Plus I haven’t had any EWCM yet. For the past 4 months (since using OPK’s) I have cycled on day 16 or 17. Also my temps are not not much higher than they were at other points in my cycle. This just doesn’t make sense, could FF be wrong? Here is my chart:

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