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    Almost 7 years your hubby?


    I am CD 26 and 11DPO


    Thats something to be proud of mamas


    3babiesmom .. did you take up stock in hpts!!! LOL …. Im telling you ladies we need to take these to the NYSE!!!



    @therose88 -> hun i am sure most if not all of us have tried that as it is one of the oldest tricks in the books lol. We and I mean most of us have done so much like pre-seed and royal jelly and much more to make it happen. Count yourself lucky that you got preg so easy. Even though it may not seem like it to you but if you fall preg in less then 1 yr of trying the dr will say nothing is wrong. Trust me I know been there done it as they say lol.


    Kelly~ Yeah I know but I had a blood test yesterday and got the results this AM those usually arent wrong, I wouldnt think……



    Cleo-I wish you the best hun. I know you are stressed out and I’m sorry you are struggling these days. Best bet is to get an HPT so you know what’s going on.



    My husband is a general contractor, and my MIL hires others to come and do real work on her house, like putting in a new bathroom, but then wants DH to do a ton of little stuff for her for free.



    what does watery cm mean?



    monstamomma- lol wow! was she trying for a girl or something?



    Kristy got a BFP too mama!



    chasitiy- I have bought them, but haven’t used them yet, Are they easy to use?



    I think she did go to emergency….God knows how long she will be there, it usually takes forever….you know, there is still hope…my mom had heavy bleeding and went to the ER and they told her that she was miscarrying (she hadn’t even known she was pregnant) and low and behold, 8 months later she had my brother. But the bleeding was enough to make her go to the emergency room.



    chastity- George Michael. Thats all I got to say! lol OK, and Madonna and Elton John! As for Breast Cancer- I lost my Grandma when I was 19. That was 7 years ago! Doesn’t feel like she has been gone that long. But I was super close to her and it still makes me cry when I think about how much I would like her to be here and see her great grandbabies! ='(



    Is it Pro Care? They are usually 25 mIU

Viewing 15 posts - 114,226 through 114,240 (of 131,346 total)

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