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    ADVICE! we BD yesterday afternoon and im set to O thur..when should we BD again? i dont wanna deplete his supply like studies show that if you BD too much u have way less what should my game plan be??!!



    Today is my 3rd anniversary 🙂 Wish I could celebrate with a BFP, but AF is not late yet. I have had a sore throat for a few days and very bad intestinal cramping/bm issues since last night. Maybe this is something?



    ok so i O today…but my temp spiked above my coverline? but my cm is watery still???? chart link is on my page



    My egg is on the move today ; ) poor hubby!


    newmama- When are you gonna poas? donna- Are you temping or using an opk? Usually you are extra fertile in the few days leading up to, and on the day of ovulation. Once the egg is released, it only has about 12 – 24 hours to get fertilized. But sperm can usually survive inside you for a couple of days. Best to have some spermies there waiting on the egg. Hope this helps a little.



    Janet – can I make a suggestion…I hope you dont mind. TTC is stresssful on relationships and out of that alone problems can arise and those that we small before seem magnified. Have a think about your relationship before TTC and how things were then – try and asses how you felt back then and how you feel now. This is an emotional time for you right now and in such cases it makes things seem alot worse then they really are. I dont mean to try and sound condecending or excuse your hubby. I know that my hubb and I went through alot of problems when I was pregnant and it was not as happy a time as it should have been. I know that he did alot of things wrong (I wont go into details) but I also know now looking back that I blew alot of things out of all proportion, and I blamed him alot…mainly because I thought it was his fault that things were not happy like they should be. It was a hard time but for us we stuck together and got through it, looking back now we both agree we did some things wrong and now we are ok and happy. I am not trying to say you should stay together with your hubby or if you should split, but I am simply saying consider how much of the stresses are due to the current situation and if its something you can work on. Only you know what the answer is and what direction to take, and I hope that you feel better soon. xxx



    jjs depends on how high the hcg levels are at the time of testing and green I have to wait for a missed period they never work for me beforehand xxx



    Hey ladies, Hows everyone Doing i really miss chatting with u All. ***Sprinkling Baby Dust***


    xwee.. I’m waiting for the O too! good luck!


    well you ladies have a wonderful day… i have lots of stuff to do… sticky baby dust to everyone…



    Here we go again… CD 1… Fingers crossed



    As for BFP’s Lill – They are listed in my ‘April BFP’ blog



    A big CONGRATULATIONS to you ‘irisheyes’. Wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!!!



    gypsy I would say your preggo thats what my tests looked like when I had my son.



    whatcouldbe2… testing on my daughters 1st bday this wednesday……im 9dpo today and still feel everything ive been feeling but adding a headache to that…

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