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    skjunior – let me try this again 🙂 on the left hand side under Pregnancy, click Index, then on the right hand side enter the date of your last period, it will generate when your due date is.



    OMG this has to be the longest 2 weeks of my life, every little twinge etc I’m trying to interpret into a pregnacy symptom which I know myself is impossible this early on. Why haven’t they invented a test you can buy over the counter the day after BD to let you know if you caught the egg or not. And I’ve another week to go have to last until at least Fri/Sat to test. Please tell I’m not going crazy on my own, I’m not even expecting a positive as only been of the pill 1 month but because I concieve DS whilst taking BC I though it would be easy this time oh well will know in a weeks time just wish it would come sooner hate not knowing.


    Boyoboy we have been ttc for 2 yrs grrrrr



    im with you sunflower we will ride it out till we get our bfp fx hun



    i didnt but maybe shes not in my network…sorry momof2 !!


    Hey loopy, if u do get your BFP then you have two perfect opportunities to celebrate! FX love hope to hear some lovely news in the next few days



    mummy2…aww 🙂 doesnt working out feel great tho?? i love it!! i used to be a size 12 before i got prego with DD lol and then i blew up, lost alot (maybe too much) after she was born then i gained again and now i am about 10lbs away from my goal, am a size 8 now tho! ….and yes a BBQ sounds nice diane, if i leave now i will make it there by lunch time 😉



    Wsihing – I would say HCG should show on a very sensitive test a day or so after implantation. But, everyone is different. My HCG level with my last pregnancy was only 30 miUl about CD 36 (16DPO). This time I tested positive early (12DPO), due to a more sensative test ( I would try again in a day or so. Good luck!!!



    How many positives will you get on a opk. Two days worth? or just one day? I got a pos. yesterday and today it was very faint. Does it go away that fast?



    I’m really not trying to rain in anyone’s parade whatsoever but I just want to chime in on the insomnia, constipation symptoms. While those are frequently pregnancy symptoms, they are also frequenly PMS symptoms as the culprit is progesterone… a hormone in increased levels in both scenarios. Oh yeah, & sore, tender BB too. Increase in urination seems to be independently & markedly increased in early pregnancy vs. PMS though. Just sharing my thoughts. I have awful insomnia, constipation, headaches, & tender breasts every month from PMS.



    Tbt. Lol that’s how it is w us too



    smashley, your not a bad person, and this isn’t really directed at your sister, your greiving and thats ok. I would suggest that even if it takes awhile to get past this, I would suggest that you put on a happy face for your sister. You will one day move on from your MC, but those hurt feelings from your sister if you aren’t there for her in this time of her life may live on longer then your grief. smile, say yay, congrats, love you and go home and have a good cry. Its ok and normal. hope you get your sticky BFP soon!!



    dead isnt the word…. did everyone go on vacation and not tell us?!?!? LOL!



    Hello lovely ladies…I am on CD28, and 14 DPO. One minute I feel that I am for sure pg, and the next minute for sure not pg. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Hate the emotional roller coaster. I do not want to test until AF is several days late, and last month was a 30 day cycle, so I will hold out. Sort of crampy like AF might show, but, I remember being that way with DD and thinking AF would show any minute. Big Sigh! Baby Blessings to all.



    PLEASE HELP LADIES!! 🙂 Okay I have to run to the store so I decided to leave a blog on my page in hopes when you guys get a chance you could take a look. I am REALLY confused on my chart and could use some guidance as to WHAT IN THE HECK is going on!!! There is a link at the bottom of the blog that will take you to my fertility chart on you can click on the individual days to read my notes about cm, cramps, OPKs temp etc. The first spike in temp was caused by a fever I had so ignore that but my temp has been raised for about 3 days now…oh blah…

    Anyways I will be back soon!! THANKS LADIES!! 🙂

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