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    wanna – I feel the same way. But hopefully our day will come. I’m more excited when one of us gets a BFP than a friend is that bad. I think knowing all of our struggles makes me closer than the friend who tried once and suceeded.


    Momiib I all test Tuesday!!!



    Hii Ladies.Just wanted to check in.How is everyone? Any BFPs? Been quite busy organising my little man’s bday and christening which are a week apart.Just a quick question-have had a bitter taste in my mouth since yesterday-had it with Aiden as well so I tested this morning-BFN 🙁 So was wondering what is going on. Thanks xx



    Has anyone ever had negative tests until a good while after missed period? My first time I tested 2 weeks late, my second i tested 2 days late. Both had strong dark lines…… Wondering what are my chances at this point



    Cadesmommy- I have a 2 year old Son we weren’t trying to conceive but weren’t doing much to prevent it and it took 9 months. Currently been ttc#2 for 12 months


    I just checked, it feels really soft, softer than last time I checked. And higher? Maybe? I’ve never checked my cervix. So I’m not really to sure I even know what I’m taking about.



    Lc why don’t me and u both test on the 30th? I hope u o in the next few days! Im unsure about my o day aswell my ewcm is gone! Just see what happens with ur temps in the next few days hopefully they shoot up!



    Cd 23! I am getting excited to test! I will try to hold off until Wed morning! My husband leaves Wednesday night to go to Alaska for work until Feb 1st! I have two cute kiddos and we will be holding down the house until he comes home.
    I figured that if we are blessed with our posi test this month, I might even slip the test into his luggage and wait for him to call me! Could be kind of fun! 😀



    mamie- my only problem is that I don’t O either.. I am CD1 and start clomid round 1 on Friday…. I am hoping I get my BFP soon too!!



    My do told me a ki da cool wY to up your chances of getting prego y 45% its a little personal but its easy a d fun and from my exsp. It works



    Congrats OurSpringBaby and Shez!!! I wish you both a very happy,and healthy 9 months! I will def be picking up some PreSeed the next time I go out to the drug store!


    welp 11dpo and decided to do a quick test just for fun lol..with my last I didnt get my positive till the morning my period was due:) and Im pretty sure it will say negative but on the 3 minute wait:)



    Toomany- I have good feelings about you! it would be too early for you to be feeling anything moving around in there. So maybe its just nerves? Idk..I’m praying for you and really really hope you get that BFP very SOON!! 🙂



    My first time of ever trying OPK’s can you ladies please please please look on my page at my 2 tests from the next 2 days and tell me if this means i will be ovulating soon as it seems to soon for a 33 day cycle to be ovulating around day 14/15 and the boyfriend isnt home till wednesday and freaking out about missing it! Damn!! x



    Haha aw lc I would if I was at my mums 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 114,496 through 114,510 (of 131,346 total)

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