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    Nellmarie – I’m cd 27 and got a bfn yesterday on a frer so just waiting for af to arrive…:(



    diane-should have told me that BEFORE i bought them! ha ha.



    Metal-mommy- with my last pregnancy my temps stayed up. 🙂 I’d say that if they keep increasing then its a very good sign. 🙂 ttcfamilylove- If af still hasn’t made her appearance I would say to test again in two days. If you can’t wait that long and you have tests to spare then test again in the morning. FX!!!



    those with cats, there is a recent study on cat exposure as a child and bipolar disease later in life. Ill try to get the study..sorry I don’t know more just that one of our psychiatrists mentioned it (I’m a psych nurse:)



    inkdoll – I tried every trick in the book for a boy, after our first daughter. But 6 daughters later I came to the conclusion tricks dont work for me,lol. We finally got a son without ‘trying.’ They say for a boy, BD as close to O as possible, and as deep as possible, i:e=doggie style. Male determining sperm swim faster yet are easily killed off by the unfavorable environment of the vag. For a girl, try a day or two before O, but NOT on O day, to give them time to be up the tube and ready and waiting for the egg before the males. They swim slower but are WAY more hardy as far as environment goes and have a lot more stamina, and Bd with you on top. Good luck♥…felishamarie24- How frustrating:/ Maybe you had a short surge? I had it happen before, I got a bfn on the opk at 4pm then for the hell of it I tried when I got up at 2am to pee, and there was the positive. But it was negative again by 8am and from there on out. I would have missed it if I had not checked in the middle of the night.You may have just missed it if it was short and an off time…CD7 here and AF was gone as of last night! Hallelujah,lol. Thankfully she isnt sticking around 8-9 days this cycle.



    Hey ladies. I’m on CD 3, thank god AF at least showed up. 12 days late, but better than not at all! I think I’m going to not read into my BBT charts as much as I did last month, because my cart was PERCECT last month and I was not pregnant! I’m going to go by my OPK’s instead.



    I figured out that tww must mean two week wait. I am waiting, but not super hopeful, for some reason. Firstpreggo: heartburn is no fun to have. I never test until af is late. I never realized that people did test before that, until recently…but I will stick with my old way anyway. Even then, I have wasted a test just to have af be later than expected. I lost track of my dates this month because they were all in my calendar on my phone, which was replaced. I need to figure out how to move info to my new phone. I think I am due for af in a day or two or so.



    Good luck TTC baby #2 babylug!! Hope hubby gets to enjoy more of your next pregnancy and especially the delivery!



    Thank you 7th baby!! As far as temping, yes, its a great way to help achieve that bfp. Some women use that method instead of opks. You get a dip when you’re about to O and a spike after you Od. My dip was cycle day 10, but I didn’t get my spike until cd15. Usually it’ll only be 2 or 3 days before i wake up, take my temp, & see the spike. don’t know why it was 5 last time. After you O your temperature will stay up until you get AF (or until you give birth if ur preggo), then it will dip & stay down until you O again next cycle.



    oh wow…..(speechless)



    I was also here in 2008 and also 2010/2011. I couldn’t remember my username or password when I started ttc again this year, so just started a new profile 🙂



    Nobody should get my babydust yet, it’s the confusing ‘am I or am I not’ kind… no one wants that – trust me! I’ll be here with a dumptruck full once I get my convincing ‘third BFP’ – and on the day I get an u/s with a viable heartbeat? LOOKOUT! I’ll leave so much babydust in here you won’t be able to see!



    Brandyleigh: never heard of that before. I am going to google it now. Hope it is true though and you get a bfp when you test for real. When are you going to poas?



    -GGMarie- That just took a lot off my shoulders knowing that. Right after I got off my AF I started to ovulate and my wonderful fiance noticed the changes as well as I did. How long did you wait to take a hpt??



    so my period has only turned out to be like 2 hours of spotting and it was brown blood (old). I noticed it once when I wiped, put on the tampon and removed it to a few specks but nothing more. Did notice it was brown. Havent put anything else on so I could see better and hours later I am clean and dry. Weird. Not sure what to make of this as it has never happened before..

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