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    Jory927 – I know how how you feel about the whole FB thing!! All my friends are either pregnant or just had babies. I can’t wait to have a little one again. I miss the cuddly new born stage!! Sending lots of baby dust your way!!



    thistimearound – I would get sooooooooo frustrated if my AF was out of whack. I think I would go crazy!!! rochelle – I have heard of people with their legs in the air, I have also heard there is no need to do it, some people even get preg when they went on top!! I always lay down (without legs in air!) for 15-20 mins, then lay on my left side. Who knows, I guess anything is worth a try!



    I am hoping to test around the 2nd as I’ll be 10DPO (CD 25)then and I seem to only have an 11 day LP. If it’s a BFN then I’ll wait till CD 29 to see if AF shows.



    Congrats Astonandme!! Thanks for the response Proudmama! Just wondering I dont remember when I first had any symptoms with my first baby because he was a big surprise! Congrats you too! So exciting cant wait for my 2 beautiful lines, lol!



    Jakes, I will say that last cycle my cervix was super high clear up until 2 day AFTER af started… not nice because I saw it as a good sign for no reason… That being said the extra cm seems promising… its hard to say because everyone is different and even every pregnancy is different but I’d say that sounds good…. too bad all you can do it wait lol


    Hey Tinks



    Lets hope, Lawwa and I am loving your feeling of empowerment haha.
    I have noticed that alot of babies are born between Oct and Feb so hopefully we will be having our BFPs soon.



    totally – it can literally take hours to read back through all the posts even if it’s only been 24 hours since you’ve been on…..
    wow berry – you make me laugh…. wet pants all day LOL too funny!



    no worries JakesMummy – sometimes I wish I got AF symptoms so I would at least have a clue lol



    sarah, can u post a pic??



    what are your symptoms?



    sarahjane, if you are SURE it’s only 2dpo, then i’d say you are experiencing something else. typically, it takes 7-10 dpo for the fertilized egg to implant & cause pg symptoms. (impossible to feel anything pg related otherwise)



    Diane, good luck at testing over the weekend, got my fingers crossed you get a BFP!!



    My first test was really light, but I just knew I was, so I went and bought the higher priced 5 day early tests the next day and it was a lot darker.



    Mrsbt- I am testing this weekend too..praying that i see two lines..suppost to wait till monday..but might test sat or sun…Best of luck to you!!

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