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    Bless Berry, it doesnt take much to confuse you, does it hun x x Sharon – Richmond is very nice 😉



    so now i must refrain from testing until thursday…i only have 1 test and i wont let myself buy anymore!!!!



    woohoo AF has gone yay



    How long did it take you ladies to get a normal cycle after your miscarriage? I miscarried in November.



    I will I am trying and thanks dear RainbowRach how are you doing?



    thank you Diane your very helpful I will try that



    I like this page better than the 10 month baby page. The woman on that page can be a little odd. Nice but odd, and there seems to be a much more optimistic attitude. I hope the best to all you ladies, and I wish baby dust you and for myself when I am back with my husband n a few weeks.


    I know how u feel I took 3 pregnancy tests yesterday, and most turned out negative. One i think has a faint lne, and I showed my friends and they said they too can see a faint line, I’m not thinkin much of it since the other 2 went bfn, feel like i could be pregnant. And I hope I am, testing in a weeks time then the following to check, and pray it definately is a BFN.. made doctors appointment today, and its next week, so i see what happens there too.


    I’m off to ebay, got to go get me some opk’s for this cycle since the last 2 cycles were the relaxed!!



    ladies i just thought id share with you a lil insight.. My friend whose been trying to concieve for 18months finally got pregnant she tried everything from elevating, doing ovulation test every month, doing her temp. clomid all that. && there was this girl who came in to get her hair done (we do hair) and she told her about these fertility drops that got her and two of her friends that had been trying for quite sometime pregnant within two months of using them! so she got online ordered them and the first month BFP!! i dont know if you guys are interested in them but i just want everyone to be able to experience motherhood so i was just sharing babbbbbbby dust to all! :]



    boneablaze- regarding the no pain meds, I have heard that once it gets to the point where you can’t take the pain anymore, a lot of the time it is too late anyway and they won’t give it to you. So, I guess that if you want a natural childbirth you have to be prepared for the pain. Also (just something I heard) is that if you have cytotec and/or pitocin it will make the contractions unbearably painful. I guess its like all or nothing with meds.


    I know what you mean-2 of my friends have new babies and we have been trying for 8 months :/ Just glad to know what the problem is and taking clomid for it. This is only the 2nd time I’ve used opk’s, but you should start around cd10-11 depending on how long your cycle is. It gives you a chart to use. This time I thought I had ovulated already, but when I got cm I decided to use it and it was +. I usually know when I am ovulating, but since starting clomid I wasn’t sure how this month would be.



    res ~ shots in your abdomen aren’t too bad. I’ve done them several time before. My hubby gets the needle ready for me and stays with me while I give it to myself. I usually pinch the area and then put the needle in. It’s subcutaneous so the needle doesn’t go in at a 90 degree angle…it’s more like 45 degrees. good luck and keep me posted. loads of sticky babydust for you, me and everyone else TTC…



    Got a positive OPK this morning…. YAY!!! I normally get a positive OPK on CD11, so I’m a couple days later this cycle. Made husband bed this morning too!



    i dont think anything foodwise bothered me when i was pg, apart from i went off carrots, and i have never liked them since…strange!

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