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    ohhh good luck to u meliss 🙂 hoping for a BFP! *babydust* to u!!



    CD 12….. this is my first time temping but it does seem weird. I was 34’s for awhile and then i spiked to 36 for two days and today now 35. But i still have not gotten a postive opk. So im confused. Is that normal? According to calanders i would be ovulating tomorrow. Im really starting to hate peeing on a stick. They are always negative…. be it for ovulatin or pregnancy…….Loopy and T… ibe got my fingers crossed for you to get ur BFP’s!!!



    Obscurette because I do Improv Comedy and have been told I am slightly obscure.. . 😉


    just logged in to post that a new symptom just developed.. since evening.. its 1:33 am here now.. i have sore breast.. YAY!!! i also have increased sensitivity down there… ( sorry TMI) but i believe its good cause if u conceive.. the blood flow is high down there and thats the reason to the sensitivity…its kinda like i had wen i got pregnant with my first born… but i do not have the wetty feeling a lot.. its mostly kinda dry.. is that something not good??? can’t wait until tomorrow to test.. had told DH to buy 2 HPT’s but he bought only one… doesn’t want us to spend unneccessarily on the test.. will let u gals no the result… am praying for all of u as well.. Lots of love…


    My goodness and as you go on to page 4,,,,,there are already a total of 8 new BFP’s…

    Congrats Rach sorry it takes a bit to read through all the pages……….:-)))))



    Is it just me or does your body play mind tricks on you??? B/c typically you dont get symptoms until you’re at least 14 DPO…but I think my mind is playing tricks. I swear my BB hurt, but i keep saying yeah that’s what i thought last month. Why must it do this to us?!?!?!



    yeah not today or yesterday but the day before… that high temp day


    Well, I cant wait until the am to test! I will have made it to atleast 10DPO (pretty sure I o’d on Mar 20th).


    *waves to the room* Have a great rest of the day ladies!



    ok so you are going to wait till then? or earlier. af is due for me on the 1st..good luck.


    Oh, I’m getting hungry now. It’s only 7.40 and I’ve already had breakfast so it’s way to early for lunch. Of course, when am I not hungry. LOL



    Ok so I know I said we were out of TTC for now… But I’ve been really dizzy today and just feeling like poo. Like I was with dd. I think I’ll test tomorrow morn.. or maybe tonight if I can hold it long enough (I’ve had an over active bladder since dd) wish me luck! :o)


    TMG- CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!! i hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!!


    SHAKEY SHAKE!!!! BABY DUST COMING YOUR WAY!!!! Just wanted to drop by and give some girls a little dusting 🙂 Good luck everyone!!! BD BD BD!!!!



    day 5 late, again, and i did not test, 2 more days till i leave town! ha ha ha
    just wanted to say good morning!

Viewing 15 posts - 11,491 through 11,505 (of 131,346 total)

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