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    urge my body wonts stop messing with me first with the BD this morning now my bb r all tingly feeling and a little sore and after eating breakfast i felt nauseous. i think i have been thinking so much about being pregnant my body is getting confused lol.
    tiffyy….. i feel your pain i just tell huby to get it over wiht while i watch tv lol. well its not that bad yet : )



    Smashley – I wish you all the best for the future xx



    i just think it’s the holiday coming up. i just realize since my cycle is 28 days i have a bout 13 chances in a year to ttc vs pple w/longer cycles. i kno…i’m so smart…i just figure that out



    LKDream/Turtlefur go on google and type in converter that will tell you what it is.



    that’s normal…it can come out anytime



    @ and4eva I’ve had tender boobs/nipples since a few days before O’ing they come and go maybe its a hormonal thing IDK wish I came with instructions so I know what was what and when I have aches and pains, just wish I’ll try not to tie it to anything pregnancy related. I’m 8dpo and CD27 I think must check my ticker before commenting keep getting it wrong.


    Thanks Brandy – Thanks, thats what I was thinking so its a good night to start with it being Valentines 🙂



    ** too early, if no period by tues i’ll make an apt for wed.



    well ladies…good night I am off to bed…I hope you all have a good day/night


    Up early on 8 DPO, DS still not 100%. Less than a week to go until I can test!! (If AF hasn’t showed up by then) How is everyone feeling? x



    NYC- hun your eggo is preggo, lol i know i stole that from the juno movie… but its a cute saying, your doc is nuts your i would do what amy said and just claim your date got mixed up after you get checkd out!!!! but anywho CONGRATS on ur BFP!!!!!!______amy- im in the 2WW with ya!!!!!! so hopefully we get our BFPs together!!!!!!!!! baby dust to you!!!!!



    hey ladies just droping in to say hi as theres nothing new on my end.. around o time so just trying to get hubby to bd as much as we can as hes so tired from work atm.. argg i wana be one of those woman that post here pregy pics i wana smell that newborn smell while rubbing that smoth round newborn noggin..



    ugh I’m so confused! Nursing has really messed up my cycle…I had my LMP on June 25th…it ended late last week. We’ve BD pretty much every day in between. I had some mild cramping yesterday and though maybe I was going to O. Last evening I bent over to pick up my son’s toys and (TMI WARNING) I felt ‘something’ come out down there. I went to the bathroom and there was some dark red blood in my underwear. That was it though–nothing else the rest of the night and it’s completely gone today. I had a headache this morning and I’m still slightly crampy–too early for another period to come on and too early for IB. I might never be normal again lol. Any ideas?


    Trying- looks like it will be our 1st time using preseed woo hoo! Come on + opk 🙂



    it’s so crazy to think about the time differences, you know, like my day is ending and yours is beginning…hey you are in my tomorrow! hehe…sorry, i think i might be a little loopy haha. yeah, idk…i don’t know that AF is late cuz a while back i was having cycles like 45/48 days long, so I’m probably just on one of those. But hey, maybe the BD will hit ovulation and I don’t even realize it 😉 So how are you doing?
    Any news to report?

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