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    thanks! someone on here gave me the idea back in cycle 1…so i’m sweating bullets now that it’s been a few cycles. My fear is that she’ll outgrow it & i’ll have to get another one. Oh well, only $13 and shipped fast…guess i’d do it if i had to.



    well ladies I just feel so crap now
    :0( ….unfortunately still bleeding and cramping but it seems to be calming down



    For those that were here following my crazy saga last night w/ my opk….AF did finally start early this afternoon.



    Wannabeamum thanks for your advice. The thing that baffles me is that I have had 5 months of regular periods off the pill. Ahh, well, will hopefully know one way or another by this Sun (when AF is meant to be due).



    Ggmarie- I agree with boyoboy, you don’t deserve that no one does! You don’t want your kids growing up thinking That is how a man treats a woman, lay it out on the table and tell him you want a change, see if its something he is up for… otherwise put you and your kids above all else!
    Boyoboy- well hopefully we will both have great news to tell our DH’s!



    what I look for in Omega3 is the DHA mg amount and that it’s purified. I’m not real sure about getting into mackerel or cod, I have read that swordfish oils are not recommended at all.



    hey everyone, so me and my bf are ttc with my second. Any tips? My next cycle is supposed to be June 20th and I’m pretty sure I ovulated on Monday the 6th or Tuesday the 7th. Any ideas on when I coudl take a hpt?



    my chart is up altho i havent updated it since yesterday



    Huntersmum looks like we will be test buddies! I am 1dpo today!



    spunky: Sperm can live up to five days once in your uterus, but the majority don’t live past two days. When you get your positive OPK, you will likely ovulate 12 – 48 hours later. So if you ovulated on the early end of your positive OPK, then the BD timing of two days before the + may mean sperm and egg have time to hook up. If you ovulated 48 hours after the + OPK, then it might be too late. Lets hope you are an early ovulator after the + OPK! 😉



    Well ladies I think ima try to catch some zzzz’s its 2am here!



    Alright ladies I am about to get off work and go home. Have a great rest of the day!


    CD 12 of 30ish day cycle … wondering if any of you lovely ladies know how to up the chances of a girl … I have to amazing little guys and would love to have to add a little pink to the house 🙂 Either way the BD is on for the next week~



    i am gonna go try to take a nap while all the kids are napping i will be back later tonight



    Urna I’m glad ur son was born healthy at 36 weeks, my ds2 was born 36 weeks and spent 6weeks in nicu, he had other issues as well which added to his stay.

Viewing 15 posts - 115,366 through 115,380 (of 131,346 total)

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