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    so,, this week my temps 8 dpo 98.0 9dpo 97.4 10dpo 97.8 11dpo today 98.0 implantation dip, you think? I’m testing saturday.



    ooo yummy!!! 🙂 I want to tell you again how beautiful your painting is.



    DAMNKAT-My DH doesn’t hardly have a sex drive. Although he seems more all over me at the most inopportune times. The only time we ever BD is around O time. Sort of sad, I know.


    Good morning everyone- I am having a lazy today – I am trying to get through paper work but I have no attention span for it.



    so no dounbt i wil get af after i right this lol iam on day 29 i brought some tests top take in the morn as i have a mri scan on wed so just wana know this month as cant have the scan if pregs so of course i wana knwo lol..unusualy i am still getign the odd cramps and twinges it kinda reminds me when i was last preg, as i dont usualy cramp b4 af only afetr it begins so iam kinda excitied lol so iam gona test in the morn….. aidens momy iam realy praying af shows for you so you can move on with your life wel that is if thast wat you want hun..luzaan thankyou so much made me feel like iam being thought ok lol… so will update in the morn either way,day 29 so tomoz i will know either way hey.. comonn lets get heaps of bfp this month



    Cpalmer-we have a super small boat right now and have had some hanky panky on the islands already! It’s fun and different and let me tell ya….BDing is rather boring these days. I think I just need a pick me up! This would do the trick!



    Congrats momma-v!!!



    rubylove- Can I ask what you are going to a fertility clinic for? The reason I ask is I see you have a little one already and i’m in the same boat. I have a son already but was told that it may be harder for me to get pregnant again due to some issues. I’m trying to decide if I should go to a fertility clinic now and bypass my doc or go to the doctor and talk with her first?



    monsta – theyre called advanced ultra – they look the exact same as one step 🙂 they pick up HCG levels from 10MiU



    I also take prenatals, just in case.



    onemoretime —AWWWWW Congrats i begged my DH to buy me a test but he won’t. I dont think he likes seeing me so upset!!! Happy Pregnancy to you and i hope this is our month too!



    Glad I am not the only test taking freak! lol. It was a clear blue easy digi test and after it was Neg I took it apart to see how it



    My af is also due on the 22nd, it feels so long away 🙁



    small blessings, I ordered one the other day so I’ll let you know 🙂



    irisheyes and katmoma – makes a lot of sence to me, but I never know… Will do a bit of exercise from now one afterwards aswell 😉
    Havent got high hopes to fall pregnant the first cycle of TTC, but would be realy brilliant not having to gow through this whole waiting game again. I realy feel for all you ladies, who have to go through this month after month after month!
    Baby dust to all!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 115,681 through 115,695 (of 131,346 total)

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