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    Man I wish mine had that. Oh well Ill just have to deal with Pregnant or Not Pregnant. In the future I will order some online cuase that’s super cool!



    Googled the heartburn and ( says it is defn. an early sign! JAY! Im realy hoping for you! The time dif is very crazy! Today is the 10th over here. Am i in front or behind you? dont know! No news. still on AF :o( but looking forward to O! but its gonna happen when i have to go back to work! hope its our month!


    aaaah thats sooo sweet turtlefur! I do hope its not long because I think that’s amazing way to tell him!!!



    CD 3 and cramps have lightned up alot thank god only 2 more days of AF then its back to BDing WOO HOO i need that fairy to meet me soon under the tree *****************fairy dust *************



    kimkayb…BOOOOOO!!! that sucks 🙁



    i think i am driving myself crazy over cp and cm, and all this stuff. i really wish i would get a bfp…i dont wanna see af, but if she IS coming i wish she would already b here so i can start over…AGAIN



    @ gg and Pink I agree with mrs smith and boyoboy why would you want to stay with these men let alone have another child with them surely you deserve better and a chance of a better life with another man, any man who is phyically, mentally abusing me would be told to take a hike, and if my hubby dared to cheat on me he can pack his bags and not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, if they’ve done it to you once they’ll do it again because they know you’ll forgive them. Stand up for yourself and demand some respect I’ll rather be on my own with my kids than be in a relationship like that, sorry for the brut honesty but this is a topic I feel strongly about.



    i am here too just watchin tv with dh this really interesting show on discovery & thinking bout af….



    @ firstpreggo…im in the same boat as you, i think i also ‘o’ MOndy 6th/Tues 7th im also dying to know when to test….but i think the best time is to wait the day befor AF is due or the day she’s expected…i know its really hard to wait out that long… i feel your pain 🙂



    lachica, i wouldnt think so bcuz ur body is used to doing what its supposed to



    yeaaaaa pink stork!(: haha i am sooo excited. FX for you too. this 2WW is gonna be sooo long! when is the earliest you can test? although i think im probably going to try to hold out until AF is supposed to arrive. if i can…im a POAS-aholic(:



    LaChica – you are so cute!! haha, I have no idea if size matters in this case, I would assume that it doesn’t matter 🙂 Maybe its the size of his balls that matter, hold more spermies 😀



    So I finally came out of denial and changed my tracker to having a longer time in between AF visits. It is now 5 weeks instead of 4. And now I am even later than usual, 3 days now (over a week from the usual) and still a BFN. What is going on?



    bye d



    hahaha turtle- no mercy… love it! I went to bed early last night, had a killer migraine. so he was off the hook too. lol. i’ve been wanting to take a HPT, but I know it will be negative (even if I am pregnant, its way too early to test positive…) I always do this… I buy up the tests, KNOWING it will be negative. but I still just feel like taking one. lol

Viewing 15 posts - 115,876 through 115,890 (of 131,346 total)

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