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    boyoboy, I agree with Chasity, expecially with the change in CM. Time for blood work!! 🙂 Good luck!



    hey ladies!! I’m having trouble commeting on this page…I cant reall see the comment box! Is anyone else going through this??



    Ok hello ladies I don’t always post but mostly always online n reading posts well today I took a $ store home preg test bcuz my hubby keeps sayin I’m preggers well I’ve posted pics on my pg n its a light bfp I think its light bcuz Af isn’t due til the 8th lol I’m a nervous wreck … Sticky baby dust to us all



    it hard to see that all of us on here are TTC and i seeing on the news and internet of ppl having abortion. it rally hurts my heart. i have no kids at age 28 and i have been ttc for months and miss AF just love to grace me with her presence ..



    saza: wow. thanks for the insight, apparently it happens cause i was asking amanda about it and she got a headache too.

    advil took it away so i’m good. i took 120mg last night at about 10. dont be discouraged, apparently, lately it’s makng everyone ovulate late…look it amanda!! LOL. what day are you on amanda/?



    My husband tried the whole ‘we aren’t ttc, we’ll just see what happens’ to which I said, ‘no way. You said yes a few weeks ago, and we are doin it!’ But I did agree no opk until nov, but I’m still charting my bbt lol.



    Readyfornumber2, I used two different kinds this cycle. Midstream and cup collection. I did the midstream at 11pm and did the cup collection at 7pm. I have pics on my page if you want to see.


    12 dpo and cd 29 … just bought a new pack of FRER… someone stop me lol …. Think I may just have to test …. andyone else due for af the 24th and testing today



    ArcticArlz I had that this cycle too at CD13



    Christine G – I just realised that we both have an Xavier!!! =) my Xavier just turned 3 on Sunday =)



    as for me i had an almost pos opk yesterday arvo and then this morn was so faint i could barely see it what the? did i o yesterday and miss it? maybe bf is right and we should just let nature take its couse and stop testing and freaking out lol


    My OH also feels the pressure….ive done my best to not let him know when I O. Its hard. Im ready to go back to the days of him begging me for it instead me begging him lol…. Now this two week wait is gonna be a killer…im already impatient and its only 1dpo….give me some patients please!!!! lol:)



    i dont think so…cd26….my doc thinks i hav but she hasnt seen my chart so she doesnt know for sure, i actually am pretty certain i havent


    Kristymumof5 im here with ya gurl! opk says i ovulated today! so im in that 2ww with you! yay for cycle buddies haha 🙂



    lol, well I have a friend that you have to meet, he would be able to help prove your theroy (he’s a quantum physics major). lol Time is definatly relitive!

Viewing 15 posts - 115,921 through 115,935 (of 131,346 total)

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