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    Ok so the last three days iv felt nauseas now being 7 dpo I feel even more nauseas today I had (stmi) a yellowish ewcm type after I wiped.what do u ladies think?



    thanks Gator! just want to make everyone smile. and inspire hope for the future. 🙂



    I’m going mad and need locking up! I just left the tap running in the kitchen for yhe past 10 minutes to do the washing up….. thank god for overflows!!!!!



    Christi, I know there are a couple of girls around who have discussed thyroid problems… I can’t think of who off the top of my head… I’ll browse through my friends list and see if I can remember. In the mean time, that might be a good question to post under ‘questions and answers.’



    Looking for some cycle buddies…CD 60 LMAO!! Seriously wtf…



    thanks clay yes diane so true! but im alive just sore and my daughter is fine so nothing else matters to me right now!



    so it seems af went away again… cd7 now since it’s past midnight. 2 &1/2days of af, 3 and a half days of dcm and then half a day of af and now gone. wtf lol so weird but I’m just happy that I’m not on it now. It seemed like af was coming on full force earlier, and then only used 1 pantyliner. I’m so confused I have no clue.



    The tougher the journey, I am sure, the sweeter the reward. Keep that in mind ladies – some day the children we fought so long and had to have (along with our partners) will be so loved and loving children in return. I’m not saying that anyone who got preggo without trying does not love their kids – it’s just that the ones that took months and months (or years even) will so be worth all the stress of this TTC!


    maybe the lady was out to lunch then… like i said she didn’t seem to know what i was talking about and when i said is it it 25 miu she said yes 25?? maybe i will go tomorrow and buy a more sensitive one .. this is driving me crazy…


    Hiya cleo how are you ?


    K night ladies!! Im tired off to bed i go!



    Thank you for all your best wishes. I hope I can give some good news. Hahaha all I am doing right now is keep putting of the test lol I know I shouldnt……right thats it enough talk I am going to be brave and go do it right now. .I will report back very shortly! fingers crossed



    night-night gemma! I love your name BTW! =D



    Sarah, my sis has the pee prob too haha shes not preg n it isnt a uti! We just dont know, when she gets back from afganistan shes goin to see a urologist(?)



    whoop whoop kadensmomma im gonna do it fri morning with fmu then i will be 5 days late if AF doesnt show her ugly head in the mean time that is x im soo excited and nervous at once xxx I keep my fingers crossed for you kadensmomma xx my first day of last af was 12th sep xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 11,596 through 11,610 (of 131,346 total)

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