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    Crummie- I’ve had 2 days (in past two weeks since ov) where I felt like I was coming down with flu or sickness. You just want to sleep, body aches and just seem
    Shattered. I’m now 2-3 days late. I’m usually very regular every 28 days but I tested another negative this morn. Gonna call doc and check that my hormone levels would make a pos show on a test as I was told ovulation tests wouldn’t work for me. If she says it should then I will know I’m not preg x move on and at least I know. It’s the not knowing bit.
    Make sure u keep extra busy this next week otherwise it goes slow whilst waiting to test as we all know 🙁 x x fingers crossed for u



    I wish there were pregnancy predictor kits…. you know the kind that look into the future and predict when all of us will be pregnant. Then we wouldn’t have to wonder so much. 🙂



    Got a faint positive on several different tests last week but they never got darker and finally yesterday there were no more faint lines and this morning I woke up bleeding… I guess a chemical pregnancy since technically I still wouldn’t have been late. Im just very sad today.



    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you Vodka!! Let us kow how it goes please. Tonnes of baby dust to you!!



    1morefor4 – This site has funky glitches sometimes like that:/ I have went to comment on people blogs and it just disappears into cyberspace,lol. I will have to go back and actually just type it on their wall and it will go. I still cant edit my pictures on here.



    No,not yet…..this is my first time….but i read a lots on website about light bleeding,and they said maybe it is implantation or else maybe cause of much exercise or gaining weight.
    so first …maybe because i gain weight
    second ….maybe stressas well…so i dont know.will see,



    ladies im so worried



    Welcome back @Lynn100! Good luck and baby dust!! Hope your tww flies by!



    OK girls – What do yo think? It’s the 26th day of my 28 day cycle. I got a pos. OPK on the 16th day of the cycle. All day today I have been sick to my stomach. Is this just wishful thinking? I don’t plan to test until two days from now on what should be the last day of my cycle. Is it too early for me to be sick from being pg?



    OMG! Shalesha!! I was JUST typing that there would HAVE to be another BFP in here before lunchtime as they always come in 3s!! A big congrats to you too sweetie!



    sorry i havent been on lately ladies but my computer is screwy.. but anyways my dh and i have been bding everyother day since af took her leave.. so hopefully this is our month… much baby dust and luck to all…


    well its CD 15 for me, im guessing that i will O around CD 17-18 so DH and i BD’d lastnight and will go at er again tonight and the next night 😉 still waiting for my + OPK though and my temps have been a bit lower the last 2 mornings so i hope they rise by tomorrow since im eager to get my 2ww under way and over with, lol



    Thanks, well it isn’t exactually shopping im handing resumes in hehe



    It’s 8.39pm at night and I am about to watch Criminal Minds and go to sleep. I hope TooMany gets her BFP today/tonight! Thoughts, hopes and prayers



    thanks pocahontas!! and rach they were so hot, my pants were wet all day!!! lol NOT REALLY!! It would be great to see who gets the bfp’s, especially when your not on for a day, and you dont have time to catch up!

Viewing 15 posts - 116,116 through 116,130 (of 131,346 total)

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